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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weakening our Strengths 10 01 2014

Weakening our Strengths 10 01 2014

If a communist or monarchy country wanted to conquer the United States the first thing they would attempt to do would be to analyze our competitive strengths and then weaken them!

What were our core strengths? The intelligence, pragmatism and ingenuity of American men!

So how would they weaken that? First they would have to find a way to make those men lose confidence in their ability or disable them!

Why did I think of this? I was replacing an air filter in our Buick Lacrosse today without reading the directions! What I realized from memory of the prior time I changed it is that the directions are more complicated and include two steps that doesn't need to be done that is extremely frustrating! Hence to create more waste and drive more money into dealerships!

What am I getting at? The American who follows those harder directions becomes frustrated with the idea of working on his own care and developing personal ingenuity!

I won't mention how the transition to the metric system was a total waste and fiasco that favored communist countries! Or that George Bush whose family money came from a Nazi Steel company bank transfer to America. And that he was chosen by Reagan due to the explicit advice of a Fortune Teller that attended Vassar University. Or that Nazi Germany was really communism in itself because they admitted at the War crime trials that they did everything that they could using radio type technology to create a nation of 80 million DEPENDENT MINDED!

So when you refuse to surrender your independent mindedness as American Eugenicist and president of the University of Wisconsin Madison stated that one must do for the needs of (Corporate controlled) industry, what are you? You are a normal man. And what do they do to you? They want to medicate you for that personal initiative! So right then and there they have turned Americas greatest strength into its greatest weakness! Psychiatry is communism as is Judaism!  Because Corporate America proliferated on the basis of and after that declaration, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry," it means Corporate America too is Communism!
The suspicious irony is that Putin doesn't like the United States because it is exactly what he believes in so strongly, Communism!  Do you see the iterations a conflict with Russia could easily lead to and how the United States could easily be conquered because of it?  Perhaps it is best illustrated by the fact that when top high school athletes enter basic training they are found to be crying sissies!  The Communist infrastructure of one mind for all under the veil of the medical fraud of schizophrenia is here already!  When a cop shoot's a schizophrenic what they really hate are men!  And what is the poor blue collar worker as well as the rich liquor cabinet owner; they are the sons and daughters of alcoholic and therefore do not have the true brain structures of men.  A Milwaukee Police officer told me this he said a Doctor showed him on a X ray how his brain was wired differently and there was nothing they could do about it!
But what is the commonality? It is a mental disorder caused by a brain abnormality, likely from fetal alcohol syndrome, whereby the women (and both sex children) get to feel empowered as if they are men by sharing the minds of a strong human being (typically male?) In this effect the mind is DE gendered in favor of money.  The De- gendered mind is the pack, tribal or animal mind!
Just read the Constitution and you get the great sense that they loathed the degendered mind!

And we know that it is not all Jews who are involved in the Conspiracy because some of them to are victimized by the medical fraud of schizophrenia; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud.

But when they did that they also took the human races greatest strength and weakened it didn't they!

The big joke is that Putin wants to spread communism throughout the entire world? It is already here
If Putin wants world Communism he isn't going to get it!  But I would be happy to give him every person in the United States that is actively causing the problems here and Communism here! Then the United States becomes what it was meant to be and we lead with such integrity that no other nation is our foe!

And then the whole cycle of conflict starts over because they can't for the life of them understand why men are smarter.  And hence they attack us out of envy and jealousy!  You can take ashen faced Vodka momma back to Russia today!
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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