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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The True Symbolic meaning hidden in Ancient Philosophy 10 02 2014

To understand this it might be helpful to read the Heraclitus biography on Wikipedia first as well as being familiar with my prior published philosophies posted here.
As you read some of the original philosophers you have to read it from the point of view that they were dependent minded to other people. As such much of what they wrote was in veiled and metaphorical form about how one lives and survives when they do not have their own mind! Also what point of view do they have towards those that they are dependent minded to?

So exactly who were they dependent minded to? I believe they were dependent minded to, for the purpose of this essay, I will use the Profits from that era. According to the Gospel of Barnabas there were 144,000 of them and they were all killed by the Jews! The Bible does a great disservice by stating that there were only 18 of them! Jezebel herself is said to have personally killed 10,000 of them. I believe that the profits might have been Jews too. And I also believe what the term “blessed one” which is the word Jewish in the Italian (Roman) language means is not that you are a blessed one but that you here the thoughts of the Prophets. You have to put this into the perspective of Adam and Eve being evicted from their village! This was a common theme in ancient Jewish times as the Dead Sea Scrolls mentions it too! And they were not evicted for no reason! Adam and Eve were evicted for eating the rotten fermented apples, fermented fruits containing sugar converted to alcohol known to cause fetal alcohol syndrome which is the leading cause of mental retardation today!

It is stated that Heraclitus was a "hearer" of Xenophanes.
Herculitis is where we get the E. Pluribus Unum on our penny from!

Now there was a juxtaposition between Democriet and Heraclites. And it is best pictured in the symbolism of the painting by Cronelis van Haarlem. Heraclites was the weeping philosopher which meant he was emotional where as Democriet (and I have not researched him) appears to be more of a psychotic violence towards (metaphoric terminology used for God) attitude! There is a picture of a helmet with a cross sword positioned as if it impaled the top the helmet! Symbolism, Democriet believes just to kill whereas Heraclites more or less knew he was not as good as the source of his intelligence.

Now I am going to get into some of the symbolism of Heraclites philosophy and it is highly relevant to the last 2500 years!

Now Heraclitus

What is very interesting is that Diogenes claimed, Heraclites “knew nothing” and then later claimed that he “knew everything.” What you see is the progression of Diogenes understanding to that of someone who had already lived his same experience before him. And that applies to the following Heraclites believe and its hidden symbolic meaning:

“Ever newer waters flow into those who step into the same rivers.” (aha I just see the monotheism motivation there that I didn't see before.) What initially I thought the meaning of that to be was that if you listen to a specific persons thoughts for too long you are lost in that current because other influences will come and other consciousness's influence it until you can't make sense of it and you wish you had your own mind because you enter dementia! But instead I take that to mean that same stream you keep going to over and over again is a constant source of new intellectual material for you, a never ended muse, and that is indeed a horrific monotheistic concept!

He also uses the concept of fire! Remember who else used it in History? Not only Adolph Hitler but also the Romans through the concept of stoicism about 300 bc to 300 ad per my recent memory! They were both the most horrific Governments the world has ever known!

“All things are an interchange for fire, and fire for all things, just like goods for gold and gold for goods.” He is talking about burning and looting! He is talking about harassing people for their lives energy! He is talking about dislocating human souls in order to profit from them?

An extension of his concept of fire was his Dike Eris, “Strife is justice!” Justice for what? Isn't that a horrible way to be? Strife is justice because you were born with a defective hippo-campus or mentally retarded?

“The world, which is the same for all, no one of Gods or men has made...” He is stated to be a monotheist but do you see the veiled reference to Gods being plural. A little later I will show you how he believed in three layers. Humans, Gods and one God. The Gods were the people the humans were dependent minded to! (Likely what the prophets were!)

Ponta Rhei means “Everything flows” When Heraclites uses this term I would accredit him for being the first person in the history of the world to describe “Stream of consciousness” and also this relates to “Synthesis as being the apex of analysis as I described to you.” Now whether Heraclites is describing his own stream of consciousness or one that he is dependent minded to and observing with his minds eye I do not know.

But what he is describing with Logos would me seem to mean the descending holy spirit that we who hear voices apparently have! So either he knew that because he possessed it or he knew it because he was a beneficiary of it! I would state that the latter is true from a logic reference to the action of stepping in a stream analysis above!

Heraclites uses the term “the God” and not “God.” What he is hiding the fact that there is more than one? ??? Or is he revealing with that terminology that it is more or less of a person to him. Somewhat like when George Bush states he has a personal relationship with God. Do you see the symbolism of the discrete articulation? More references to similar concepts in this philosophy later!

“Zuess uses fire to straighten out the common logos.” That is very similar to the concept of “The word of God has been tested 7 times over.” What it means is if they are dependent minded to you and you use your free associative memory you get beaten up! They don't want you to think because you use your imagination to do so and that confuses them! When you use your imagination to think and come up with bad things that could happen if they continued on their current course they labeled you a false prophet and killed you! No lie! My personal advice to you who hear voices; use that imagination, comparative analysis and synthesis, until they are more screwed up than the fate of the wives of Harry Crumb!

When it states that “Zuess uses fire to make wrong right.” What does it really mean in modern understandable terms? It is a harassment act of witchcraft by those who are not men and have to act in violent desperation because of it! It is really putting the blame for everything on those who can think for themselves instead of your idiot dolt defective head where it truly belongs! Stoics of Heraclitus, the Romans and Nazis as well as a Governor hiring disruptors is all an act of witchcraft. In fact psychological based warfare is witchcraft! It is by definition an act of the weak minded! And perhaps that is the best reason Hitler lost! And he was weak minded and used drugs like speed, known as Ritalin today. George Bush promoted it too? When you try and maintain the wealth class in that manner the whole country sinks because you are elevating those who are defective minded to have greater rights than the Constitution permits them. In other words fair competition should have weeded the weak to have less money and those of true intelligence to rise to wealth and therefore the power of peace!

“Gods custom has wisdom but human custom does not.” He is stating that in the comparative analysis and defining the terms more clearly there that in his time Gods had human conscience and human reason and humans were more of the Bible phrase, “They know not what they do!” Think of the stooges trying to work but their hands are not coordinated with their minds! As if they have seen how to do something in their minds eyes and want to translate it exactly to how it was done but can't! It looked easy to them in their minds eye but in reality they had zero skill from being that way! And look at how they interacted without a “higher power” amongst them? They beat each other in violence! And that is why they will always need us who hear voices and have a higher consciousness and nondefective hippo-campus. And when you boil EVERYTHING down, that is what it really amounts to, those who have a non-defective hippo-campus versus those who don't.

Heraclitus stoicism is very close to paganism. Pagans sacrificing those who could think for themselves that they were therefore dependent minded to and decreasing the evolution of the human race by a few levels over a couple or more thousands of years?

When FDR say's to be constantly vigilant about the progressive movement he too is advocating FIRE!

The Apologist Justin Martyr stated that Socrates and Heraclitus were Christians before Christ! What he really means is that they were savors or Gods before Christ was recognized to be one! And Christ feet were stated to be of Greek origin from the pattern of the toes and analysis of those traits going back in history. Mine are Greek to? And I have yet to figure out why.

This article is meant to be read in reference to the current Wikipedia biographies on Heraclitus, Xenophanes, E Pluribus unum, pierre Eugene du Simitiere and Peter Anthony Moteux.

Not the best articulation or grammar. In fact I do not even proof read this stuff because I am not hear to impart proofreading skills to those voices that interrupt my thought process enough already! And if you don't understand a word of the meaning of this I completely understand! But I had to write it anyway!

I was inspired to write this after looking on the back of a penny and reading E. Pluribus Unum today while I was looking at a penny while ordering two .49 cent ice cream cones. The way it is interpreted from my interpretation of Heraclitus is many minds come from one good one!

I might attempt to rework this at a later date and also write about Xenophanes. Whom Heraclitus was said to be a “hearer” of. :)

He became a misanthrope, a hater of his own kind later in his life. So analysis of how his philosophy changed from start to finish tells exactly what he was and clarifies the issue! My bet is he was dependent minded! And that is what all the evidence points to! So they steal ideas from peoples minds and philosophize using symbolic language? And what happens is if they had not we who have had our stolen would never have figured it out!

Heraclitus could not have been too smart, he died by contracting dropsy and covering himself in cow manure and laying out to bake in the sun. He thought the drying out process would remove the fluid? He would have been better off to have tried clay? Maybe he could not get to where that was and used what best he could find with the same effect?

His family were Aristocrats!  It is very rare for someone of that nature to denounce that lifestyle and become a misanthrope in that manner in their lives!  For that he is beautiful!

Funny that someone who died with the earth in that way was immortalized for his philosophy?

Pure rubbish this article is, throw it out. :)

Xenophanes is even better!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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