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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Thursday 10 02 2014

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Thursday 10 02 2014


Missed seeing it clearly but Cobb ran well on the initial drive leading to a touchdown. He looked faster! And indeed he needed to be faster from the prior game.

Number 31 a defensive player to the Vikings Wide Receivers...If you think the pass is going long then you should outrun the defender to catch it! You might even put your hand up and wave to have the ball thrown to you on the defense! In my personal experience it works!

Running back a ball after a kick or otherwise! You should always have the confidence that there is an opening! And you should play to the highest level so that is indeed true and you find it and run through it! And some of this is a matter not of instinct but of mental synthesis!

Packers throw to Nelsen in Q1 came right out of my playbook of published prior advice!
5:10 first quarter. When defending a kickoff return I never stood there like a castle and waited for them to dodge around me as they are running down the sideline! The proper thing to do if you are in line with that runner is to run dead on straight at him on a collision course!
  1. The limits his yards when you tackle him back further. So you have to have the confidence they cannot step around you in the first place!
  2. When you are coming straight at them in defense like that it makes them nervous about impact. Now that will not bother a confident runner with the ball at all. But it will bother an unconfident one! So in my Sin sui art of football you instill that un-confidence, per your will that becomes new to them, to that player with the ball as you are running a direct intercept course to them! And you have to remember I didn't play the game with any protective wear or padding as a boy!

In the tackle in the back field of Rogers, Rogers needed to get into a more safe passing area which means that he should have ran more before stopping. The way he gets in tight when they are coming in on him it is unlikely he would have gotten an effective pass off then. To me he needed to come up the field to the right some more. And he might have needed a better awareness of the line of scrimmage in that case.

Also when you have a quarterback and scramble in the offense it is important for potential offensive catch recipients and rb's to go into “free form” “get open” mode. That means finding the wide open field and heading into it! Confident that the quarterback will see you and nail it out there to you for a spectacular play!

Julius Peppers (Sp?) ran that interception back to the endzone just he way it was supposed to be! That was his 5th career touchdown! He was just brought in to the roster today!!!!

Thn a Ladamore 57 (sp?) interception! Isn't it a lot better to intercept that ball than get the entangled pass interference call? Where have the defenses been for the last decade or two? They have not been abdicating that style of play! Green Bay's worst fear might be that other teams read my commentary?

Number 17 Devonte Adams. (sp?) There is that 2nd, 3rd to 5th level capable receivers a winning offense needs coming into play and their potential!



The score is 7 Vikings to 42 Green Bay with 14.27 minutes left in the fourth quarter and I am done typing and going to bed.

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