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Friday, October 3, 2014

Those who would haze don't really seem to fit into the adult world with the rest of us 10 03 2014

Those who would haze don't really seem to fit into the adult world with the rest of us 10 03 2014

These people need to be identified and studied!

This years Miss America advocated hazing in college and was kicked out of her sorority.  Did she have knowledge of other sororities hazing?

If they are hazing as ADULTS in college then are we to believe they are not hazing as adults in our neighborhoods and in doing so causing mental illness such as Schizophrenia?

So here indeed we have direct and irrefutable evidence that Schizophrenics are not wrong when they say that there are bad adults living in their communities and hazing them!  Oddly enough they used that as a criteria for diagnosis of mental illness?

And they would be using very clever technology that would be hard to detect?  How hard would it be to scale up a sonic pest control product to subtlety harm, demonically possess and kill people with?

Perhaps Miss America should not have been crowned champion but rather entirely evicted from the United States?  That would be too kind wouldn't it?

What am I getting at?  Here the young woman voted to best represent the best of United States young women is the best evidence of evil people living in our communities and causing mental illness!  So if that is who everyone votes for it means the concept is far more prevalent than people knew.

And have you ever seen how these women compete in the talent contests?  It is the equivalent of monkey's beating bones on littered plastic pails?

My mother attended a book review the other day.  The author had written about the Salem Witch trials.  She said in defense of those prosecuted and hung that, "They didn't even do anything!"

What do we know that proves her far to the contrary about bad women?  We know that they haze in college and likely afterwards.  How much has that cost the American economy in terms of treating their victim?  It likely equates to all corporate profits ever earned and the entirety of the national debt!  Not to mention being directly responsible for every crime in the nation!

Women like that ought to be screened by guidance counselors using a testing method and be prevented from attending any College University no matter how much money their parents pay.  When you look at the criminal behavior of what is termed professional athlete you see how a paired union has no place being in the United States or being successful anywhere in the world!

Any fraternity who ever hazed even one person should lose that charter on world scale to be one!  Also all members past and present should be subject to censure of their activities and also wealth redistribution!  We can send you to live in Mexico the same place you procured help to associate with and pay below United States labor rates!  Same place you got your also needed drugs of escapism from!  Goodbye soon to you!

Those who would haze don't really seem to fit into the adult world with the rest of us.

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