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Friday, October 3, 2014

Marijuana Causes Mental Retardation 10 03 2014

Marijuana Causes Mental Retardation 10 03 2014

Pot also causes delayed development in children who use it!  For those of you who have been beaten down by politically correct vocabulary.  The word "Retard" has the dictionary definition of "To delay the development of."  Hence, you aren't going to like this pot users, "Pot causes mental retardation and those who use it should by default receive the same classification!"

It gets even better doesn't it!  It is the very drug they want to use to treat mental retardation!  What is that really motivated by?  A parent not being able to cope with a child like that and wanting to therefore legally engage in the activity of smoking pot themselves!

Hence the Marijuana user and  Advocate is also an Advocate of mental Retardation

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