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Friday, October 3, 2014

Voter ID and The Republican Threat to the United States Constitution 10 03 2014

Voter ID and The Republican Threat to the United States Constitution 10 03 2014

In colonial times when you voted the community had a good idea of who you were? 

What has changed that is causing the necessitation of voter ID and who has caused that change. 

We have 11 million illegal immigrants today because of Queens George and Jeb Bush!  They both allowed them to stream into our Country because it would have cost money to keep them out that they didn't want to pay!

So those two caused what has a problem that is jeopardizing the Constitution!  The way to solve the issue is to go to the source of the problem!

And might we need voter ID temporarily until the Republican party is charged with fixing the problem they caused and fixes it?

Because without voter ID the right to vote is infringed because illegal aliens might vote and skew the results so that those who voted had the meaning of their right to vote completely negated.

Also addressing the source of the problem that has indeed put the Constitution in jeopardy would be too say that a political party that has been found to do so while its President was in office, no matter how much longer after the fact, MUST BE DISSOLVED!

This would force the Dissolving of both the Republican and Democratic parties.  And I should start a petition like that very soon!

Why do I call the Queens?  Because they are like the Queen of England; "She stated that she likes it when things go wrong sometimes."  Isn't that cutesy.

So they are the ones to be held personally responsible to change it back in order to protect the Constitution1

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