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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Diagnosis of a Sadist 10 01 2014

You never hear of a wealthy sadist going to see a psychiatrist because they don't want to hurt people any more and need something to take for it 10 01 2014

But what does everyone who goes to a psychiatrist because they hear voices in their heads feel like?  A victim!

Jeffrey Dahmer was at least three things in one;

1.  A sadist.
2.  A homosexual.
3.  A serial killer.

Being a sadist is a precursor to violent criminal actions?  So that diagnosis would be helpful! And there ought to be simple tests that a person can take to reveal it.  For example having them watch violent acts while monitoring their physiological response to see if they enjoy the scenes!  For example it could be used to screen candidates out of positions in the police force, politics, health care and corporate management.

When you look at some of the famous child molesters such as Jimmy Silva or Catholic Priests what do you determine?  That they were wealthy!  Now this is very key!  Perhaps the IRS can say that because religion is not for profit it means that priests who are wealthy have indeed engaged in organized crime and therefore should be taxed?  I am getting at the way the IRS caught John Dillinger, they had more money than someone like them should have had per the job description!  What I am getting at is people who love money more than people! A sadist does not love people!  Hence what else is there for them to love but money and animals?

What do all those three traits above have in common?  They all defy the image of man!

What was Jeffrey Dahmers blood type?  Was it Rh-?  I believe that the public should be able to view the database of genetic information of those who are charged with committing crimes and those who have been convicted of them.  For example what if we discovered that greater than 80% of child molesters had Rh- blood type but for some reason the Justice department never made that fact known to the American people?

There is great symbolism regarding blood in the Bible.  It starts off in the story of Genesis.

Dahmer is also a GER-man surname.  And Ger is the Hebrew word for strange.  Who gave Germany the title of Germany after it was just Dutch?  Was it Adolf Hitler who had the Jewish haplotype gene?

You have to wonder if Sadists don't have a secret private meeting place for group activity?  Whereby they chant, "I like to molest (means bother) and there is nothing wrong with it."  Then they all laugh giddily!  A place where they can forgive each other for what they are?

A sadist might even like putting a label on a poison, getting government approval to sell it and prescribing it to people long term?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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