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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ann Romney 08 16 2012

Ann Romney

The biography of Ann Romney is very interesting.  The love story between her and Mitt is beautiful too.

But there is a quote on there, "She appreciated them treating her as an equal."  Scratch that I am reading too much into that.

But what is very interesting is that her father couldn't stand organized religion.  She seems to have become a Mormon to gain a commonality with Mitt.

I would like to know what her father said about religion and if she respected him for his beliefs.

But her opinion would likely be that religion served as a social group that allowed her to marry a man that she new since elementary school?

I have commented on the Mormon religion before, no need to rewrite it.

I wonder if she feels that tobacco smoke in any way contributed to her breast cancer.

What is that song, "When a man loves a woman" about? More-money? No.

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