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Friday, August 17, 2012

Why the Catholic Church is Anti Abortion 08 17 2012

Why the Catholic Church is Anti-Abortion 08 17 2012
They are anti-abortion, sell your babies, because they knew that if they couldn’t keep that popular ladder climbing sterile whore happy as an adult woman they would be history!
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
They might have done some analysis and figured out that was what made Joan of Arc so pissed?  She couldn’t have children?  So to avoid angry and violent women they will always be pro-life.  Not to mention the negative influence to female reproduction the male hormones a fellatio woman consumes or the venereal disease a woman gets that makes her sterile, etc, etc, etc.  As well as rape trauma by a rich drunken parishioner that leads to female sterility.
So to avoid angry and violent women they will always be pro-life.  You say that I am horrible?  I say that you are horrible for creating the socio-economic conditions that lead a woman to abandon her baby because she cannot afford to live and support it.  I say that you are terrible for making a trade in human lives.
Could a person ever go to a priest if something bad was done to them and expect justice?  Of course not you would be TRUMPED by a “Special Interest” big money parishioner contribution.  They always want to know when you did something wrong though right?  That guilt they know you have because of what you did is a powerful element of control in your life.  As a matter of fact if a woman went into a confessional and said she was raped the first thing that business man of the monarchical archetype structure would want to know is what did you do that you feel guilty for?  It doesn’t matter what options you want on your new car that we don’t have in stock all that matters is that I need to know how much money you are willing to pay for a new car.
Let’s see how this one plays out.
“Hello my love here are my drunken friends Barney and Frank you don’t mind sleeping with ust’s do you?”
Then you will find that act propelled you to television network stardom!!!!  They made you a liberated woman right?
When you go in for the job interview they will say, “Yeah we all liked her.”
But wait a minute here is what happens next; “She say’s that she can’t have a baby…is there somewhere we could get one for her?”
“There’s poor folks baby would do.”
“We tried that, we knocked on the door and asked, they said they don’t want to part with them.”
“Just use this Marconi/Tesla blaster to subliminally agitate them.  They’ll cough it up upon separation and divorce!”
“What does subliminals mean?”
“It means they don’t know you’re doing it to them.  We got the thing rises up out of the van we can go there at night and aim it at their house when they are sleeping.”
***time lapse***
“I told whose child we are going to get and she said, ‘Oh I always wanted to have a child looked like her.’”
***time lapse***
“She still isn’t happy!”
“Doll up that whore and give her a better job on television.”
“Do it before she takes the JOA sword to ust.”
“What is a JOA sword?”
“You don’t know who Joan of Arc Was?”
“Oh yeah, yeah.  Okay it is done then.  We will get the best makeup artists’ and oh ah plastic surgeons ever.”
“Whatever get the guy that sands the plastic auto body filler smooth if you have to.  She knows what ust’s do.”

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