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Friday, August 24, 2012

There was no such thing as MENSA 08 24 2012

There was no such thing as MENSA  08 24 2012

If there were truly a MENSA the world would not be in the shape that it is in.  We would not have had the financial crisis and mortgage fraud, we would have had cars that get 100 mpg a long time ago and our country would have been completely powered by solar energy by now and the global warming would have been prevented.
So who exactly is the MENSA?  They are those who are of dependent mind and sought to profit from stealing and zombifying the souls of the truly intelligent.  If there was a MENSA our society would be a much more caring one. 
Do you want to know what happened to the truly intelligent and good people in our country?  They were stalked, hazed, raped, given drugs, the first time they went away from home or away to school.  That is who your true MENSA are.  The truly intelligent in our world got that way by being those who learned from the first person experience of love and caring; that is where the only intelligence that benefits a world comes from.
So what exactly are the MENSA?  They are likely of the Satanic Essene Occult that demonized an exiled priest and taught their children to learn via an evil master.  They are likely the descendents of those who tortured people in their European castles for fun, entertainment and their souls.  The Bible defines Satan as not having a soul.  That means that he/she has to get it from someone else and that is where they get their intelligence from.  It is very easy to prove to someone that you are more intelligent than they are when you are three doors down the block and wait to put your foot out to trip them when they come by.  What would a MENSA then say to you?  “I told you to watch out for people who try and trip you.”  MENSA was a group that was designed to hide the identity of the dependent minded Satanic.

MEN a Society Against
Mean Evil Nasty Satanic Aggressors
Mean Essene Neighbors Schizophrenic Activators
More Evil Nags of Sorry A55es
Most Evil Nincompoops Society of America
Mean English No good Satanic A55holes

You can go on and on with the acronyms of who the MENSA truly are, but the point is that they are not of true greater intelligence as I would define it.  They more or less have the minds of molesters who know where victims will be.
We never saw the MENSA marching through the streets protesting anything or articulating solutions to modern day problems.
Anyone who fits this definition and knows it does not belong living in the country of the free.  They don’t belong here and they erode our society faster than light.
They are a fraud!
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