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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Pope 08 10 2012

The Pope
People who think don’t just sit and stare like the Pope does they either think and write their thoughts or think while they are doing something.  So what does the Pope do and who would I define him?
Does the Pope have an imaginary friend or adversary he is reflexively thinking with or against?
1.       The Pope is German.
2.       Marconi was a Italian fascist during WWII.  He is accredited with inventing radio.  Radio is a magnetic wave technology. 
3.       Tesla worked in this field too and marketed the particle beam weapon in Europe before WWII. 
4.       The Majority of Marconi’s work was based on Tesla’s.
5.       Marconi had close ties to the then current Pope at the time.  He made the statement to the Pope about being able to harness the power of or wield the power of a God.  Wield implies that you are using force- like wield an axe right?
6.       Interestingly enough there is also a picture of Adolph Hitler with what looks to be a Catholic Cardinal in his study room.  That Cardinal looks like he as an evil leer on his face.  Germany and Italy were both Axis forces.  The religion in question is the Roman (predecessor to Italy)…The Roman Catholic Church.  Why do churches that are truly based on the teachings of Jesus Christ need to differentiate I asked myself at a much younger age.
7.       In 1991 Colonel John Alexander admitted that the DOD was successful in developing synthetic telepathy.  He was not being truthful, it was discovered before WWII.  Likely when naval radio operators went crazy from microwave hearing.  I have to ask the question, who on earth would build a naval radio that could drive a person crazy.  Nikolas Tesla did indeed live in the United States and did like to drink with the very wealthy of the time.
Here is how people like James Holmes can be brain washed.  It is a voice modulation that can disrupt and replace the electrical impulses in the synapses of your thought process.  Think of it this way; you have just thought of the greatest idea ever when bang you are hit with a refined electromagnetic directed at you from a distance.  All of you thoughts are indeed wiped from your mind like a an old weathered fence has just been painted white.  But it gets better.  The Bible describes Satan as being soulless.  That means he has to think along with someone else in life.  He is well aware of everything that you have imagined.  In fact he hates your imagination because he had sometimes believed it to be the truth and had accidents because of it.  What happens next is that person who loathes you for being an independent thinker links up to your mind with prior thoughts from your imagination.  And somehow, I do not know how but I believe it to be related to what you find to be attractive in terms of sex, they augment prior thoughts of your imagination to be eager and front and center in your mind via an undertone of sexual memory.  You have just been derailed.  You have been diverted and brain washed and don’t even know it.
My nephew said to me that he doesn’t read too often, he says that every time he sits down to read he watches a Porno flick instead.
Why do I write this?  Because maybe, the revelation, will stop the next shooting from happening.  Maybe if it is recognized, someone you truly love will be saved from a violent death, by a person who has no idea what they are doing.  Everything that I write and believe in I have proved and proved again.
The Pope could save a lot of misery and create a new era of peace.  I am just one person who has been discredited, nothing I can do about it.
There was a science fiction movie about WWII where a naval ship is enveloped in an electric field and disappears from the earth to a different time.  A man from the CIA wrote a book about how all of our modern technology was developed from reverse engineered space craft.  That is absolute bullshit.  Once these magnetic based weapons displace a person’s soul the soulless can indeed see that person’s whole life story past present and future.  If that future technology came from anywhere it came from the souls of naval radio operators and United States Citizens who have had their souls displaced.  The movie that I speak of is indeed a metaphor for the souls of naval radio operators who had their souls displaced while on active duty during WWII.  I now have to ask myself why the suicide rate of US soldiers is so high in the Middle East and I already know the answer.

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