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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Milwaukee River 08 13 2012

The Milwaukee River 08 13 2012
I took my boat up the Menomonee and Milwaukee Rivers two days ago.  I was actually trying to take it out onto the inner harbor of Lake Michigan but it was too rough.
Every time I take my boat on these rivers or the Wisconsin River I end up with the same sickness.  A very bad headache the feel like a freight train is trying to come through.  I toss large baits that have a lot of buck tail hair on them and the water from these rivers sprays on my face and I breathe it in too.
I do not believe that river water should be brown.  Why should river water be brown?  What is the fecal content of this river?  What is the E-coli content of this river that pours straight out into Lake Michigan?  What is the pharmaceutical content in terms of metabolized and urinated well crafted chemicals such as hormones?  Those chemicals in your pharmaceutical bottles are highly concentrated poisons to a normal and healthy human being.  And the writer from a predominant newspaper cannot even speculate as to water quality being a reason the Yellow Perch have declined.
And another thing the “adults” who were in their boats on this river acted like they had S417 for brains.  If an adult presumes a professional career and drinks or gets drunk on the weekends they are a bimbo.  And it doesn’t matter if they are a man or a woman they are a bimbo.  What am I getting at?  THAT IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL WHO FURTHERS A PROFESSION!!!!!!!!
Responsible Americans who love and respect water did not make the river that way! 
Another problem that I see with regard to water quality is all the railroad ties that are driven into the water, shoreline and embankments.  I believe that they are either soaked in tar or the poison creosote before they are pile driven in.  These ties were likely driven in the water more than 50 years ago and guess what they are still aromatic today.  For you perfumed women that means that you can still smell them today.
And here is another message for you perfumed women if you child plays along that river and is exposed to the water of it that is going to be a child who will not be able to listen and learn in school.  That kid is going to grow up being one of those bu77heads who hits some other kid in the arm because he can’t think because the other kid didn’t whack off.  Do you want to know why we have not quickly engineered any new cars that are more fuel efficient because those professional engineers are about the same as that water in the river.  They are like one bu77head hitting another bu77head in the arm and saying, “Can you whack off?”  There is no easy life awaiting those who cannot think for themselves in this world.  You are better to try in frustration as soon as possible because from what I see it only gets more painful the older you get.
The DNR is finding that deer in Michigan are suffering from a ECD (sp?) type of disease.  They internally bleed and die after being bitten by a virus carrying fly.  There is some attribution of it to the hot weather we have had.  It makes you understand what Jesus meant when he said, “You will beat your swords into plowshares.”  He meant there will be nothing left to kill and live off of.   You will not have any oxen to pull those plows either.  It will be those who advocated war and carry swords that are going to be pulling on the plow chain. And you are going to be working very hard to grow crops.  You will drop dead if you think you are going to get a drink of water out of those rivers.
And pretending there is not a problem does not make it go away.  You can’t tap those slippers together three times and expect the problems to disappear.  If you are not for the children of tomorrow you are not for your own children of today.
Here is what you might take if you are exposed to this water.  First shower ASAP.  Also use a salt water nasal rinse. 
1.       Yeast Defense by Twin lab
2.       Peppermint oil capsules
3.       Triphalia Garcina pills
You can and should go to the doctor when you are sick.  Good luck with that.

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