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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have to ask one more question about the SIKH's

They said on the television how no -one will ever figure out what could have motivated Wade Page shoot those SIKH's.

I have had India Indian friends in my life and they were pretty good chaps.

I remember talking to one Indian woman in my life and I believe I mentioned the Indian friend I had.  She said that they all know each other.

Then I start to think of the Indian woman who was a (controller) of Koss Corporation and defrauded the Milwaukee based company of $31 million.  Then I remember how no one could figure out what Bernie Madeoff did with the $50 billion he swindled.  The last I heard someone on television said that he bought gold items and mailed them in paper bags to friends.  Well how many friends does one have?  Who were Bernie's likely friends- were they members of his temple or of the Federation as a whole?  I am just asking.  I have a right to ask.

Then I start to think of how the Indian woman stole $31 million from the Koss Corporation and I want to know the timing of that money outflow with the timing of that SIKH temple being built.

Then I start to think about my India Indian friend and how he worked for a bank  and his brother was in the financial industry, but they are no longer.

Then I start to ask if the Jewish anti-defimation league got into this one because well...  I just see that there was the same pattern perpetrated here.  (Hiding the money trail and other crimes?)

Now you will not find a more peaceful and nice person than myself; and I just have to ask myself these questions.

So the question I have to ask is did Wade Page somehow believe, in delusion?, that the SIKH's received money from the $31 million Koss Corporation fraud?

I guess I want to know if that Koss woman was a SIKH?

They all shrug their shoulders on television so I start to write.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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