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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Flag of Switzerland 08 08 2012

The Flag of Switzerland 08 08 2012

When I saw the flag of Switzerland in the Olympics I realized what it acknowledges and believes in, and it is truly beautiful.  The White Cross is symbolic of the blessed one.  And the red around it tells you what Switzerland stands for.

I just heard Montel Williams and Pierce Morgan agree with each other after Montel said that schizophrenics do not recognize reality.  I wonder what Montel really believes in, in terms of the fortune tellers he often interviewed on his talk show.  He can not explain it and yet he believes in it.

I can explain my belief in myself and why.

I recognize and identify with the reality in that Switzerland flag.

I'll leave it at that and will allow the all of the television experts to solve the very complicated problems that they will never agree on.

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