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Friday, August 24, 2012

Drunks and drinkers do not belong on the water and should not even own a boat

Drunks and drinkers do not belong on the water and should not even own a boat.

Sorry Milwaukee cruise pontoons.  But you have zero respect for our environment.  It is not about you and never will be.

Wait a minute?  Why is there no ban on open intoxicants on boats like there is for cars?  And why do swine filth get to drink in the back of limousines?

For all the rich people who own the worlds yachts...they have done nothing proactive to prevent oil spills... so they are not for the environment either.  There should not be any alcohol allowed on boats.

Yeah, yeah I did like to drink on boats and in the backs of limousines and on a bus to Florida when I was of the college age.  But enough is enough.  Get a life.  Get your own life.  And you are not going to do it by drinking.  And your children will not have a good life either because of your drinking alcohol.  They might be born with oxygen deprived alcohol genetic mutations.  More so than if you had a child with a 95 year old Schizophrenic man.

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  1. I am the rightest wing person in this whole country and I am a Democrat! But I do value the rights of all people in terms of health, room and board, education. Basic rights everyone needs to keep them on the happy road.

    What everyone does not need is indeed what prevents all from having the rights mentioned above.