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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Protestants Updated on 08 11 2012

Protestants 08 10 2012

The English Country religion of the United States is Protestant.  The root word means to protest.  So it really means to be a Protestent.  Most of us Americans believe that there is nothing that belongs in the realm of religion that we need to protest about in order to name a religion about it.  Religion is about God, right?  So who is it that Protests about God and forms a religion based on it?
The question becomes, “Do Protestants protest the good souls that “spawned” their conscience?
I know one that did.  Do you consider yourself a very good person and cannot figure out why someone hates you?  Welcome to the minority club of the world.  When I worked for First Analysis in Chicago, the Secretary to the President of the Company that I sat right next to, protested everything about me.  I was sitting at my desk one day and she walked by and hit me on the head with a mallet sized roll of fax machine paper for no reason whatsoever.  Her name was Grace Eger the Presidents name is Oliver Nicklin.   The office manager was Janet Lloyd.  Those last two are of as English Origin as they come.  The Investment firm was located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower when I worked there.  I told the office manager and it did very little good.
I have said it before and I will say it again, there has never been a psychological study done that accurately portrays children who have imaginary friends in childhood and how they transition into adulthood.  There has also never been a study of those children who were raised in castles that had dungeons and keeps where people were tortured and how one generation of this psychological construct might not be able to change from the prior.  You have to ask yourself who Norman Bates has as his latest guest or working for him right?   Someone once told me that his brain was hard wired a certain way and it could not change.  To me that is a person who is taking the easy way out!
It would be great if the anti-defamation league would provide me with their email address so that I can send them a copy of everything I am writing.  I would also be interested to know if they have any published works or statements with regard to the defense of Sandusky?  I look forward to cooperating with them in a joint effort to end violence around the world and create a new era of peace.
PS.  I have always admired England for their accent, grammar and class.  When I used to watch television the BBC was one of my favorite channels.  Why do I like such things?  I find communality with them!
When you feel that you are being drawn into a racist generalization try and find commonality with those of that race, creed, nationality etc.  The hatred you save yourself from might save your life. Emphasize commonality in your life and do not be drawn into any hate group.  Do not be ashamed if you hear voices they are from people who could not think without you.  I believe that we are going to enter a new era of personal responsibility in this world.
I remember a man with an Indian accent saying not too long ago that they have come very close to proving there is one mind.  It is not true.  Pick up the paper and read for yourself.  Do not seek to be part of one mind because that is another person’s mind.  Seek instead to develop your skills and self independent from others.  A good thing to think about when doing this is, how can I base what I have learned on my own life’s experiences!!!!!!!  DO THAT!  It will cause you to revisit some things in your life that you do not want to think about, but those are the exact things that you need to put in your own terms.  Ie. I was a child, that was an adult in authority, what could I have done to prevent it, nothing. 
I am trying to prevent all those adults from committing such acts.  Do you know what the child who has an imaginary friend as a child and is not weaned from that friend as an adult does?  They need an anchor for their thoughts, enter the great Paterno’s and Sandusky’s etc. of the world.  People like that need to be brought to justice so that the victims can get on with their lives and reclaim their good acting souls. 
Here is another psychological construct that needs to be of greater emphasis, and it is this, when a person has something wrong done to them they have one of two choices, 1. Abhor the act.  2.  Become like the victimizer.  I know what you are saying who would become like a victimizer?  What if a child can not escape that reality?  What if it is happening in his home. 
A Protestant Woman might say it is not her fault that she has an imaginary friend.  No adult wants to have an imaginary friend,  that a child not of his own talks to him.  If you are an American Jew who has true schizophrenia, not the I want attention from an imaginary friend type, don’t believe it and don’t become violent either.  I once had a woman say that she did not want to come out of the womb when she was born.
I have no problem with the first type of person because they will usually go on to make the world a better place.  I have a big problem with someone who agrees with a person that did something bad to them.  I could say they sometimes become the source of all evil in the world.
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Some could write a nice short children story titled, "The Protesting Ant" or "The Protesting Ant who met the Protestent."  English word play who's good at it.

Updated  08 11 2012

Harry Truman was a Southern Baptist that is the largest denomination of the Protestant Faith.  The Protestant faith being the Kings Religion in the United States.  Truman pardoned the man that was the benefactor to Lyndon B. Johnson.  From what I remember hearing Kennedy and Johnson were political adversaries and Kennedy chose Johnson because he thought it would keep him on his TOES.  Lyndon Johnson was of the Disciples of Christ= and that is also a branch of the Church of England- the Protestant faith.  Those who are from the Church of Christ are also a branch of the Protestant faith and they do call themselves Christians.  My question is very simple, "Why do all these Protestant faiths have different names?"  There is no legitimate reason for this other than an insipious spread in the United States.  And then one asks themselves why they need to hide their identity in the United States.  The answer is very simple and it is the main reason we fought the Revolutionary War.  We came here to be free of religion.  That really means we came and founded this country to be free of religious persecution or persecution in the name of the Kings Religion.  Once again no-one has ever done a psychological study of those who were raised in families that had castles and dungeons and the reason is very simple- they are soulless and in power.  You cannot tell me that Johnson did not have something to do with Kennedy's assassination!!!!
Also Truman's role in fascism needs to be studied too. The United States turned away boat loads of Jews and sent them back to Germany.  This indeed implies that there are two types of Jews.  The Essenes who would be the precursors to both Communism and the Kings Religion (Truman) and the Jew's who were persecuted just like Jesus Christ was.  Either way with regard to the Catholic Church and its ties to fascism we are seeing evidence of this odd nature in the Catholic Priest's molesting boys- that too is the act of a Kings Religion. If I were elected President of the United States all religions would be taxed- you can practice them, but you may never violate the rights of human beings when doing so, and that includes no electronic based surveillance without a warrant because that is really a search without a warrant and a direct violation of the Constitution of the United States.

Truman made a very interesting comment that we would either take the side of Germany if Russia was winning or take the side of Russia if Germany was winning.

I am starting to wonder if indeed there is not some evil spirit that screws everything up so bad that it starts to defy analysis because the spirit is ethereal?

Anyhow you had England telling Marconi to market his improvements to Tesla's work with the United States around this same time.  Then during the WWII you also had Marconi the Italian Fascist telling the Pope that he had harnessed the power of Gods.

The bottom line is that if you are an Apple Pie American raised to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, fairness and equality and you reach the age of puberty you need to know that there are those in this world who have the dependent lazy evil satanic mind that does not think for itself and thinks along with you.  Those are the exact minds that are not who have risen to power in what must be virtually every country of the world.   A college psychology professor of mine who was a humanist said that a ten year old could figure out life and then kill himself.  When I heard this I struggled to try and understand what their is about LIFE that a ten year old could figure out that would make him want to kill himself.  It must be that the ten year old figured out that he was of dependent mind or of independent mind.  Anyhow he said that not me.

Anyhow one final point that you might want to consider if you are a weak minded person that only cares about yourself has to do with when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.  When Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed Lot and his two God Daughters were saved by Angels who presumably used the powers of God or high technology in the form of a flash of light that saved them.  So if you are an evil person you might not be saved.  In the book of Revelation the sound of the 7 trumpets blowing is indeed a metaphor for the sound of nuclear missiles leaving the silos from 7 different countries.

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