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Monday, August 20, 2012

United States Citizens have a right to know 08 20 2012

United States Citizens have a right to know 08 20 2012

United States Citizens have a right to know who the German Scientists where that the United States gave new family identities in the United States after WWII.

Why?  Because they were indeed part of the genocide and holocaust in Germany.  And they are likely very wealthy families in the United States today.  And it does not matter if they were Jewish or not.  A Jew once told me under his breath as he walked by my desk, there were Jews fighting Jews in that War.

I believe that the same technology that was used to drive Jews out of their homes in Germany and orchestrate the genocide is used on a selective basis in the United States to steal souls  and label the victims schizophrenia.  It is the most horrid form of wealth creation known to the human race.

If they were truly indentured into the science under duress then you would think that we would be hearing their stories of how that happened come out.  But we have not heard a word of it.

I am not trying to split up the Jewish religion but when Rome Invaded what is now Israel their were sides that were wealthy and sided with the Romans.  And their were Jewish factions that fought them, as Jesus Christ was believed to do.  Why did he fight and why was it symbolic?  Because he knew that they were crucifying people for no reason other than to steal their souls.  Rome was the worst empire in the history of the world they attempted to treat human beings as cattle to be experimented on, tortured and made mental slaves of.

I would like to know where those German Scientists are that the United States gave safe harbor to in the United States.  Also if I was an American Jew who lost members of their family in the holocaust I would be red hot angry that the German Pharmaceuticals industry rose out of the ashes of Germany.  I would also be angry at the High Tech Military Industrial Complex that rose up out of the ashes of Germany.  They don't just make pace makers.

And if you are a Jew who embraced the same technology that was used to create the Holocaust in Germany you ought to be extremely ashamed of yourself.  What am I speaking of?  Synthetic telepathy based on readily available Tesla/Marconi science.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that there are Jewish Nazi's in the United States who have embraced the use of this technology as a means to achieve mainstream profits and steal the souls of people and label them schizophrenic.

I said it again.  Go ahead and come and get me!  I know it is true.  And I am indeed giving a voice to the millions of Jews who were killed in Germany.

I will never forget seeing the movie image of these scientists on television as they were brought "back" to the United States.  They were sitting on a wall and acted like they were the cats meow that got away with the greatest crime in the history of the world.  That video was on the Discovery Channel a long time ago.  It might have been part of the series narrated by Roger Moor.

If you participate in this horrid crime you are part of the decline of freedom and democracy in the United States.  We have absolutely no talent, no sustainable economy, high crime, high unemployment.  The rich in this country have absolutely nothing to be proud about.

I just want to know who they are and what their story from the experience is.  We have not heard those stories and it indicates great culpability past; and present.

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