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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Passover Defined by Thomas Paul Murphy 08 19 2012

Passover Defined by Thomas Paul Murphy 08 19 2012

First the Pharaoh said that anyone could do whatever they liked in Egypt.  If they committed a crime all they had to do was pay Baal and they were free.  That is right come to Egypt and when you commit a crime just pay bail money to get yourself out.  Then everyone flocked to Egypt.  Once there the Pharaoh likely raised the interest rate to around 20% and when they could no longer pay he enslaved them.
I seem to remember that they were fed Beer and bread.  That is the perfect combination of yeast based products to put a person in an idiot daze for an extended period of time.  And in the very nice state of zombyfied mind the Pharaoh had them build the pyramids.
Then a living God came along and sided with the Jews.  Much like Elijah predicted that evil woman of sorts would be eaten by wild dogs and she was.  Anyhow God put ten curses over Egypt.  Or thought to be ten plagues.  See if there was a real God above he just would have given the Pharaoh a cardiac arrest or something and that would have been that.
Those plagues were coming because of the state of the people as a group and also the suffering that resonated from their souls.  Not to mention the sickness that drinking alcohol and bread would give a person.
So the last curse was the sacrifice of the first born son’s of the Pharaoh’s group.  So who had to have been the living God that freed the Jews?  I believe it had to have been the Pharaoh’s first born son.  Why?  Because the Pharaoh thought the first born son was not good for helping the Jews?  Who knows.
Anyhow I am not aware of any pyramids that are half finished.
Anyhow again, I believe that the message here is to reframe from alcohol and you will be free from enslavement.  Why do I come to this conclusion?  Because the bread that is eaten during Passover is indeed unleavened bread without yeast.  I believe that the Passover is really a metaphor that means if  you Passover eating the yeast bread and alcohol products that you are free from enslavement.
Candida is indeed an undiagnosed problem in this country.  It is a yeast infection and it causes a dulled mind and dulled senses.  You can get it from eating yeast foods, sugar, alcohol products, and indeed coming into contact with a woman who has a yeast infection.
I believe that the symbolism should be more of the nature that if you forgo the use of alcohol that you are free.  And it is true, when you forgo the use of alcohol you are a much healthier person and you can indeed develop a variety of interests.
I could postulate that many of the United States problems are caused by the recreational use of alcohol, but you would think that I am one more level of a nut than you already do of me.  But we are indeed falling behind as a nation. 
So if the Jews were fed alcohol and yeast bread daily it had to have been placed outside of their houses or whatever they lived in.  To Passover meant they hopped over that bottle of hooch and were free.  They hopped over the hooch and were free.
I also believe the term Free Mason means that you are from the lineage of those who were made to lay those damn stones for the pyramids.  Hence Free Mason means that you never want to do that again and that you are of Jewish lineage.  (We all are per deductive analysis.)  Okay so you are a Free Mason and you have come to secret power in this country.  Maybe to keep your populace from being enslaved you should advocate Passover?  You should advocate Passover in as many ways as it relates to human health as possible?
Don’t you dare have to listen to anyone.   Your life should just be a blissful state of do what you like.  Just do whatever you like.  Do you understand me,  just do whatever you like in the United States.  Just pass right over reading and understanding the implications I espoused right here. 
Interesting enough there is not water to bail in that Egyptian desert today, just that sand that blows in our solders faces all over the middle east.   Don’t know how to extend that into anything more needling right now.
I will emphasize the point again, when you free yourself of alcohol and yeast products you indeed free yourself.  You will never have a better life than when you abstain from escapism and confront your problems in terms of your very own memory and not that of the living Semite God that might have immaculately conceived your soul.  What am I talking about?  Coming to terms with bad things that happened to you in your life per your own memory and not viewing yourself as victim who has obsessive thinking about the person who wronged them.  If you think of your life on your own terms and memory you have freed your soul, and indeed passed over in another kind of way.  With your own good soul you make it to heaven.  With a soul that is dependent upon someone else you do not really have a soul of your own to be left after you die that will make it to the afterlife do you?  You do indeed want to develop your own independent minded soul for this very reason.  And anyone who helps you see this and does this is a blessing to you.  Anyone who seeks and supports you dependent mindedness has indeed condemned your soul.  Don’t be the one to condemn your own soul.
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