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Monday, August 20, 2012

Irony Number Two Chicago made an Umpa Lumpa out of Rosy O Donald

It was maybe about a month or two ago that I watched Rosy O'Donald (Sp?)brag on television that she never has to pay for a meal in Chicago!  She said she goes to a restaurant and never has to pay.

But it was just yesterday, according to the television, that Rosy had a heart attack.  Her artery was 99% clogged.  She took an Aspirin and likely called 911?

So did Chicago give Rosy O'Donald the Umpa Lumpa treatment.  You remember what that is, where the snotty judy mouth girl goes in the candy factory and eats up and then billows up to the size of a balloon and is rolled out of the place, all brat mouth going and all.

I would have to say that Chicago did indeed give Rosy O'Donald the Umpa Lumpa treatment.

Then it gets more funny.  Because she knew she was getting a free meal everywhere did she go from one restuarant to the next?  I mean did she eat two lunches in a day?  Or four restuarant meals in one day? 

Did Chica-gones indeed know that Rosy would take advantage of the never have to pay?  And more importantly what does the heart disease say about the food in Chicago?

Once again the irony being she never had to pay for a meal and got a 99% heart blockage.

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