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Friday, August 17, 2012

Voices 08 17 2012

Voices 08 17 2012
Do you want to know what the voices I first heard when I lived in an apartment in Chicago, fresh out of college, said to me?  “I will have both your nuts in a jar by the side of my bed.”
Yeah that’s all in my head right.  Sounds to me more like, a miserable one who was still with me, doesn’t it to you?
Then around that same time 1991-1993 Time magazine posted and article about how a person can’t hear radio waves in their head.  That is the biggest lie ever, Colonel John Alexander admitted otherwise circa ~1991.   Marconi of the 40’s said the comparably same thing.  (Think of that when you think of WWII)  Tesla who partied with rich Satanic goons out East admitted otherwise ~1911 with his marketing of it.
They stay at a friend’s house in a foreign country when they need a vacation from torturing people or want to escape from the reality they created for themselves in the name of money.
They do absolutely none of the thinking involved in their own creative writing and television programs, none!  Do you want to know what the extent of their creative writing is?  “I will have both your nuts in a jar by the side of my bed.”  That is also the extent of their blind trust investment acumen.
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