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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RE: 8+% Unemployment - Obama = 42 months, Bush = 0 months.

Article in response to the topic above someone listed on a newsgroup.

The Economy has been like a battleship headed in one straight direction for about 40 years.  Most people think that piloting a Cruise ship is easy and that you have plenty of time to turn stop and turn around if you have trouble.  That is not true and we the country should have indeed learned about boats from the Exon Valdez.  The Economic Boat we have to worry about is the one Christened CHINA.  And we are well within our rights and powers to say that we do not trade with countries that do not have the same or better human rights or constitution that we do.  Wouldn't that be something new?  Instead of blockading some little middle eastern country; we were to say to another large competing world power- you do not maintain our standards and that is all there is to it, no more of your boats in our harbors until you do.  Read our constitution and duplicate it in every way and action and then you can come to the United States again.  Otherwise I don't want to look at you anymore.
You know what it is like?  It is like when your kids play with bad kids and become bad kids themselves; better off without the bad kids.  So the second part of this solution is very simple.  You know where all the bad kids can go from now on?  We can give China a little time to unload the boats that have made it here and after they have unloaded they will need something to take back to China with them.  Yep, you guessed it all those bad kids get to get put on those Chinese Boats.  Might put a few illegal aliens on them to to make it harder for them to get back into the United States.

I mean we trust our trading partners to babysit our children just like we do that man who is said to have an affection for only males above a certain age.

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  1. Now that is fair trade. And Obama does believe in fairness.