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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I do not get professional sports 08 08 2012

I do not get professional sports 08 08 2012

I don't understand why professional athletes who do not compete like sportsman and also commit crimes in their personal lives are idolized and worshiped by endless public appearance.

Shouldn't it be that if you commit a great crime of unsportsmanlike conduct that you should be banned from the sport and indeed subject to ridicule by the public.

There are plenty of good hard working people of character that are not represented by television.  Wouldn't it be great if those who were deserving of 15 minutes of good fame got it?  And those who abused fame never received it again?  The word for them being infamy.  That is a word that we never ever hear any more, infamy.

A criminal gets to be seen in the public eye again and again, and war veterans are homeless.

Everybody does deserve a second chance, but it doesn't apply to all behaviors and actions.

Its an example of false righteousness.

Everyone say's that I am too negative, it doesn't really bother me or affect my health.

I would have to say that many people who do indeed live in infamy do so in support of those who are famous and not good people.  For example the false righteous would say that those who became mentally ill as a result of Sandusky's and Paterno's fame and fortune- do indeed live in infamy.

Do you get my point, or would you say that I do not recognize reality and Morgan and Williams do indeed have it right? (Refers to other article tonight.)

Just my point of view, the negative one who lives in a cave on a mountain and invents many things and is never invited to any Christmas parties by the Whovillians?  I also once thought when I was a boy that if I had a dog that he could pull me by a leash while I was on my skateboard.  :)

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