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Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Religious Beliefs 08 09 2012

My Religious Beliefs 08 09 2012

My religious beliefs are that there are people with souls in this world that commit great acts of horror because of it.  Jesus Christ, a Jew, defined them as Satanic.  My religious beliefs involve an extension of that perspective when reading the Bible and applying that understanding with regard to the motivation and opportunity of criminals in crimes, hatred and all the bad aspects of human nature.
My religious beliefs extend to my interpretation and analysis of every religion and the motivation for its origin.  According to Newt Gingrich I am free to believe in and practice religion.  That means that I am free to document and analyze every aspect of religion as it relates to this type of person.  The Bible does not mention it as a matter of fiction.
My religious beliefs allow me to accurately explain the motive and opportunity behind all crimes.
My religious beliefs are consistent with the teachings and message of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

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