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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Selenium seemed to help my sciatica and lameness 08 01 2012

Selenium seemed to help my sciatica and lameness 08 01 2012

This morning I supplemented with 600 micrograms of Selenium.  It greatly helped the pain.  And it is pain that has been with me for 8 months.  So I decided to find the upper tolerable limit per day.  The upper tolerable limit is defined to be 400 micrograms per day and that figure is based on a study that found that the upper tolerable limit is actually 800 micrograms per day.  (Per Wikipedia)  But the upper tolerable limit really depends on how much you weigh.  I would make the comment that based on your weight it should also be determined whether you have a slow metabolism and are fat or if you are athletic and muscular, but that is a factor that could never be indoctrinated in terms of reliability.
The study indicated that the upper tolerable limit was really 15 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.  So to calculate your upper tolerable limit first you need to find out how much you weigh in Kilograms.  To do so you multiply your weight in pounds (mine is 204 pounds) by the conversion factor of .453592.  So to get my weight in Kilograms I multiplied 204 times .453592.   204*.453592 = (or rounds down to) 92 kilograms.  So to figure out what MY upper tolerable limit is you would multiply 15 * 92.  15*92 = 1380 micrograms. 
You see I already knew this when I took the 600 micrograms because I had done this calculation before.
Taking too much of Selenium can kill you that is why it is best to stay to the 400 microgram limit.
But I have been to six different Doctors and had a steroid shot into my spine.  In addition to the selenium, physical therapy is helping too.
I believe that the brand of Selenium that I used was “Futurebiotics.”
Do you want to know how I believe that I got what has been diagnosed as a bulging disk, but is really more pain everywhere?  Do you know what I believe to be the aggravating factor?  Do you want to know what occurred after what?  I sat on a pissed stained chair at the UWM Golda Meir Library and had pain in the groin ever since.  Per many resources Selenium has antiviral properties.  I would try supplementing with it if I had gastrointestinal disorders and also viral infections. 
A man needs more selenium after he has ejaculated either by having sex or a wet dream.  The scientific medical community will tell you that you do not need to supplement with it as it is present in your food.  But many crop regions have been found to have low concentrations of it.  The bottom line is that your body does need more of the basic building blocks when you lose them.  Women need iron during their menses.  And everybody needs more blood when after they bleed from a wound or from surgery.  I also had prostatitis back in the early 90’s.  The prostate is in the same area of the body as the lower disks in your back and where you sit.
The Selenium appears to be helping me more than the expensive steroid shot in the back!  There were 6 doctors and nurses in that operating room for the surgery.


My theory with regard to inflammation and the related pain is that there are opportunistic organisms that occur naturally in our bodies that direct themselves to sources of pain in our bodies and make the pain worse.  Maybe they overwhelm the natural repair processes of the body or partially negate them?  There is truth here, the medical community will figure it out and then mention it in a small and obscure hard to find study without any mention of who inspired them.  Absent a negative influence such as this we might heal quicker?
I will let you know if I continue to get better.  The good things that I do tend to become counteracted and not work anymore.  It is like a witch warning you not to tempt fate and then  sticking her foot out to trip you.

One Doctor said it was foticulitis, another said it was sciatica, and another said it is a bulging disk in the back.

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Read the dictionary article on Selenium at Wikipedia and donate to Wikipedia to keep them going.
Here is a link to the article.

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