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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Way How Corruption Enters Our School System 08 15 2012

One Way How Corruption Enters Our School System 08 15 2012

I remember when I was a boy we went up to the Cudworth Post Cabin on Little Lake Tomahawk once a year.
One year we went there and a man next door, I believe that he was an Italian man (maybe polish) he wanted to use his connections to get us a 4hp motor for a discount.  I won’t say where we just ended up buying one.
But he wanted to be able to call on my father for a favor someday.  My father was a good man, the best.  He was a Reading Resource Specialist for the Milwaukee Public School system and was of strong character and would not budge.
So what does some low life want for a favor from a teacher anyway?
I remember when I worked in an accounting department at a local business; how a Sicilian woman there said that her brother always said this about her with regard to how she did in school, “Just pass her!”
In other words he felt that it was completely useless to try and educate her.
My dad did not budge.  But how many Milwaukee Public School teachers granted favors in return for money, gifts, discounts from SMALL BUSINESS?
This occurred way back in 1970.  And as I think about all the pseudo intellects that are out there and do not belong where they are I have to say that this is exactly what went wrong with the education system.
I was at Wal-Mart today and as I looked at the black clerks I had to ask myself if they had a rotten education because some child who was “connected” monopolized the whole class and bullied everyone.  I also know that many SMALL BUSINESS’S are also fronts for drug dealers.
So you get that kid in class and he won’t behave and his father pays off the teacher to pass him or threatens him/her.  Then I have to ask myself, “How many teachers have been threatened by this filth and there should be a division of our government that a teacher can call to report a threat by a “dependent minded” person.
Are drugs a big problem with regard to our school system?  And who is it that pushes drugs on others.  That is organized crime.  Italian based.  If they called it the Italian Catholic Church would anyone go?
The Republicans are always small business, small business, small business.  If you read this article you get very good idea of what I find the nature of the small business’s they are referring to, to be.  None of the small businessmen that I have ever met were as smart as my father a teacher.  They always do a very good job at acting like they are though.
As I look at our economy as a whole and the players in it I have to say that it is the exact same as that favor based pass them bad kids educational system.
I will not have children because I will not raise them in a world where this is prevalent; this world has to peacefully change for me to have children.  And that means recognizing what does not want to be recognized.
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PS.  I meant to make an implied connection here between this behavior and the college activity of Joe Paterno and Sandusky.

PPS: There has never been a television show that depicts how a child is raised to be an evil person by wealthy parents, but if there was you would get some idea of why the Republicans neglect our education system- it wasn't something they ever felt they needed.  Some people are born believing they know everything already and will not listen to a word the teacher says in class.  Have you ever met a small business man who said everything I needed to know in life I learned in the third grade?  It gets better when they get older they have not learned a thing and yet somehow believe that they are smarter than everyone else and should manage them.  I give you a hint, don't walk under one of their ladders when they tell you to.  If you work for a company you need to be safe in everything that you do because if you follow the orders of your employer you are likely to have a lifetime injury!!!  There is a mentality that believes it knows everything already and there is a mentality that believes that it should look out for its employee's safety- no matter who they are or what the circumstance is.  Now if you think of this construct in terms of how the Republicans manage or fail to manage our country you get an idea of where we are headed.  If you cannot figure out how to employ human beings so that they are not injured then you should not be allowed to manage them.  Instead of giving employees workman's compensation that employer should lose his right to employ people at his business.  Does that sound like a liberal?  Or does that sound like something a responsible person would think?

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