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Friday, August 24, 2012

Shooting at the Empire State Building 08 24 2012

Shooting at the Empire State Building 08 24 2012

It is said that the Italian Mafia controls the textile industry in New York.
I will never forget how when I took a creative writing course at a local university… how one of the woman who was taking it with me was a buyer for a local clothing department store.
I am the creative artistic type.   And I created a fashion website to which helps poor people make something out of their old and cheap clothes.  One of the items was a unique t-shirt.  You can see it on the website.
Well low and behold, I don’t often go to a department store but I had a deep discount coupon for those coffee cups, when I walked through the clothing section to see what the people with money were buying I saw an exact copy of my shirt.
Now I hear voices all the time and it is not what the country wants you to believe it is- all in your head.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military told us that they developed synthetic telepathy by the year 1991.  This is not what America is meant to be.  And the Bible tells us that there are people who do not have their own souls.  The Book of Revelation also tells us that there are Jews who are not Jews.
So there is violence in an industry controlled by organized crime?  Who would have ever thought that?

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