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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Notes from tonight’s Romney Ryan Republican Rally in Waukesha 08 12 2012

Notes from tonight’s Romney Ryan Republican Rally in Waukesha 08 12 2012

The Democrats might learn from the Republicans when someone in the crowd interrupts a Democrat while speaking at the podium.
Tonight at the Republican rally there was someone who spoke up at the event while Romney was talking.  Crowd members all around that man pointed at him and chanted U.S.A.  It drowned him out until the police walked to him and asked him to leave.
I would like the same thing happen while Democrats are speaking during their events. 
Romney made the comment about the ability of Republicans to listen.  But his comment did not really bear any relation to Republicans listening quietly because I know for a fact; that the history of Democrats speaking and being interrupted by young Republicans does not go the way it did tonight at the Republican rally.  Once again I would like to see Republicans confronted by the police when they are interrupting a Democratic rally.
Another technique that the Republicans used tonight is what can be termed speaking with World Wide Wrestling mannerisms.  It has grand showmanship appeal.  The reason that the Democrats have never behaved in this speaking way is because they are more contemplative and reflective when they speak about problems and solutions.  It is kind of like when you have a speech to give that has more meat in it you don’t need to use as much theatrics.  Different tactics appeal to different constituencies.  And indeed you can draw analytical conclusions based on what tactics a politician is using when he speaks to his supporters.
And one last point, there was no time for the audience asking questions of the politicians or taking questions from the press.  And indeed how do you segeway from giving a World Wide Wrestling type speech to calming down and thinking and answering questions with contemplative and intelligent answers that truly address the question and do not gloss over it.
One last point Republican Jim Sensenbrenner made the comment that the Romney/Ryan administration will be the Presidency of pain.  I have pain every single day.  What American needs more pain.  That fat man ought to take up exercise until he himself is fit as a fiddle.   Sensenbrenner seams more in full character as a sheriff who tosses his wet hat to the ground as the secret agents boat flies over the road and into the next everglade.  As I listened to Sensenbrenner’s remarks about giving the nation more pain I panned up in the select and reserved seats of the bleachers behind him to see that there was a representative from the SIKH community.  He was all dolled up with some silver bling necklace that had the motif abstract symbolism of the hammer and sickle from that communist country.  It looked sharp and I don’t think it should have made it past security.
Sensenbrenner also mentioned that no county in Wisconsin donates more money to the Republican Party than Waukesha County.
I have said that if I was elected to President of the United States I would do everything that you would hate, but I would never promise to give you pain.  He started off the rally and indeed told how he groomed Paul Ryan for Politics from the start.
And Mitt Romney saying that Paul Ryan is the best numbers man for the job… well I find that taunting also.
There is something, some characteristic trait about all of them thought, that I do like.  For example the way that Romney stands up on that stage reminds me of how I used to act when I wore a suit in the investment business.  What I do like about Ryan is that he has some weakness in his voice and face and is not afraid to speak up and overcome it; but it is a little scary-  like it could head off fast in the wrong direction and not be stopped.  The speaker boomed out Rebecca Klayfishes (sp?) voice and she sounded like the greatest screech owl in the world.  And as I could not hear myself think I thought, “What if the brief moments that I listen to that insufferable voice are the only moments of clarity of thought the whole lot of them have to craft some misguided policies.”  I won’t get into what else she said that bothered me other than the sound of her screeching voice.  Very interesting that they turned the speaker up when she came to the podium.  And for a moment there I liked something about her expressive chutzpa.  Yep and she was coached in the World Wide Wrestling mannerisms of speaking too. Must be the input to the party by the Wrestling show lawyer Santorum, who I did not see there.
As I saw the giant motorcade approach I could not help but think about all the money being spent.  But that is something that politics is about that I do not understand; glitz, glamour and showmanship.  I do not understand that part of politics and would tend to believe that it compensates in balance on the seesaw for substance that provides working solutions.  It bothers me.  But in politics the statement argue with the pig and the pig loves it applies here; so I will have to remind myself not to be bothered as it deprives the pig?  But to not be bothered by it means that we take our eye off the problem and when that happens the pig starts touting war.
All that noise gave me a big headache.
I just write it as I see it that’s all for now.
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