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Friday, August 31, 2012

Marco Rubio is a Coward 08 31 2012

Rubio and Romney Republicans on Television 08 31 2012

The quoted notes and remarks are in Italics the rest is my commentary.
Marco Rubio is a COWARD!   He spoke of how someone else worked so that he could get where he is today!  How someone else worked hard and made that possible for him!!!  (Isn’t that just what Obama accused the Republicans of doing and was maligned for in a Republican Convention.)  If you are agreeing with me because the evidence is indisputable then do not be afraid of that epiphany.
Rubio spoke of how his FATHER worked hard so that Marco could get where he is today.  Rubio did not say how he worked hard to get where he is today.  Rubio did not say how he worked 16 hour days did he! 
Mark said that, I will say this, my father served in both WWII and the Korean War, he taught school for 35 years.  He did not do any of that so that the neglected children of the rich and their low class brethren could steal his son’s soul and live pretentious lives of luxury and fame.

So why is Rubio a coward?  Marco Rubio’s father was from Cuba.  When Romney spoke of how Obama relaxed Sanctions against Cuba Marco Rubio should have spoke up and said, my father was from Cuba!  Do you notice that his pride in his father did not come out then?  The United States does indeed have a Cuban immigrant problem in Florida and it stems from allowing Cubans to freely enter this country.  Once again I am speaking for American and not another country.  Do you really see where Romney’s comments regarding Cuba are going.  It works like this when Romney gets into the White House:
“Ball boy Ryan get me Putin on the red phone.”
“Hello,” answers putin.
“I need a distraction to keep the wealth and affluent power in class in this country, could you send some warships down to Cuba.”
Then there is a bunch of, “Yeah, yeah, yeahs” on the phone line followed by;
“Yeah that will make me look very strong in the eyes of Americans.  Yeah.”  Laughter, “It will make me look like I am the next President Kennedy.”  It is sort of like the Modern Tea Party corrupting a part of American History.
The Republicans are getting us up for war over Cuba!  They want to gleam from the strength of Kennedy.
Do you know why the United States wants Cuba?  It is very simple Mitt Romney has offshore bank accounts!  Put that together with the addition of Chris Christie who was rumored to have ties with the Italian Mafia and you have a new gambling and corruption center right off of the coast of the United States.  Drug money and all kinds of evil thinking and business will take place on that Island if Romney gets his way.
Another reason why Romney shakes the sword at Russia and Cuba is because the Republicans have been proven weak!  How do we know this?  Romney did not give focus and credit to any Bush!  He cave credit to Kennedy a Democratic President; the very great man they had assassinated.  How do I know Kennedy was assassinated by the Republican Party?  Because these are the same evil dependent minded people who make others hear voices in their head and label them schizophrenic.  I know that is true and because that horror is true today right in the heartland of America then it is also true that they had a bad part in the assassination of a competent and capable man; President Kennedy.  The feeble minded are all one race, no matter what it says on their shirt.
Kennedy and Cuba, It is like the son of Bush defeating the leader of the country his father started a war with! Makes him look good when he is truly bad!
I wanted to say Republican Marco Rubio is getting Republicans to applaud for things they should be applauding for and that except for the comment of the rich making money off of the poor Marco Rubio has the values of a Democrat.  Rubio has a better fa├žade than Paul Ryan but we don’t know what they talk about at the dinner table.  We chose more Government instead of more freedom.
If a blue collar worker of America really knew how Paul Ryan made his money you would ride him out of here on a rail.  He held the power as Senator in Janesville to create change for over 13 years and he failed to do so.  He did not have the skills to bring manufacturing jobs back to the GM plant and he does not have the knowledge to bring them back to America either.
When he was 37 Romney started Bain Capital.  He was born in 1947 so that means he started Bain in 1984. Started with 10 people.  Started a company called Staples.  (I somehow remember that one being on the verge of bankruptcy.  And was it really his idea or did people with the business idea come to him for money- that is indeed the nature of a business such a Bain Capital {That’s why it say’s Capital})
The Sports Authority, Bright Horizons, Steel mill in Indiana Steel Dynamics  ( electric arc Steel?)
The Sports Authority in Glendale Wisconsin a suburb near mine does not sell fishing tackle and we are very close to Lake Michigan.  That Sports Authority is about a mile from Lake Michigan.  This would indeed be a President who would care very little for our water.  Do you want to know what is in our water?  The byproducts of industry and limited liability America.  Ask Republican Santorum why his baby daughter is genetically tainted.  Better yet read a Department of Natural Resources pamphlet that will tell you straight up that the PCB’s cause mental retardation; it says delayed development but that is just being nice to Santorum.  Bright Horizons? Education should never be for profit.   Steel Dynamics, Yeah Mitt I owned the company that made the electric Arc furnaces about the same time you were getting your Bain (means Pain in English English) Capital up and running.  The company I owned was called Salem.
Mitt you are a black box investor and you know it.  And that black box is a nonlethal weapon based on the Telsa/Marconi pre WWII technology.  You have proven yourself to be a horror to the world- just step down Mitt.  Do you know that Bain means Pain and that is indeed how they earn their money by using nonlethal weaponry to disable and kill Americans?  It is just like how I told you Skull and Bones was really about the Druid English rowing across the Irish Sea to kidnap and bring the Irish back to the Island of England to torture them to death.
Food prices higher
Obama’s assault on coal, gas and oil jobs to china. Romney just made a blunt statement with no offer of explanation.  This is how used car salesmen operate and the reason being is that they have weak arguments that do not hold up to principles.  Same reason why the Republicans don’t want to answer questions.  Do you notice how they are always very content with whatever was said by a Republican Speaker.  Even Mitt could have fun with this one; say something very stupid and see if that constituency agrees with you!  Mitt, do it!  Raise your hands like a professional wrestler to garner applause and they will blindly obey!  Makes you wonder who had them under the covers.
Cutting military put people out of work.  Per our Constitution that Mitt Romney is sworn in to protect we are no longer to have a military.  How can he be sworn in as President if he has already betrayed the Constitution?

Romney’s plan to create 12 million new jobs
1.        2020 Energy independent coal oil, gas, nuclear and renewable. We had the technology available to us 35 years ago to become energy independent.  We need to mothball and make all nuclear reactors in the United States benign.  Why?  Your average pot smoking youth who ends up getting the best job at the plant is likely to create a national disaster the magnitude of which will create a badlands.  (Chernobyl created a bad lands.)  If our Great Lakes became irradiated we would be destroyed and that is where the plants are located.  I believe it was just last year that a coal fired power plant in Oak Creek… a great part of it fell into Lake Michigan.  If that were nuclear…read this paragraph from the start.
2.       Skills they need for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow.  He does not mention education in that sentence, his terminology is GIVE the skills…and it reads and only the skills they NEED.  That is a democratic statement; it borders on communism.  MITT you need to learn this one today- you cannot give what you do not have.
3.       Make trade work for tomorrow, new trade agreements, unmistakable consequences.  We should not go to war for economic reasons.  Why not?  Because if we are the greatest country then we are able to lead through independent example.  Mitt cannot even envision this because he does not have the mental capacity to.
4.       Ensure Entrepreneurs and Job creators by cutting the deficit.  That is just a Euphemism for the rich pay less taxes.
5.       Champion small business, simplifying regulations, repealing and replacing Obamacare.  Obamacare is the start of what America should truly be like.  Regulations are what should and would have prevented someone like Mitt from becoming successful.  Do you know what I think about small business?  When I was a boy a shoe store sold me a pair of cowboy boots that did not fit right and would not take them back.  They did not show any signs of wear.  After that happened I longed to be able to buy a pair of Cowboy boots from a large store where there was no shoe salesmen putting pressure on me to buy shoes that do not fit right and made blisters on my feet.  That is the kind of mentality Mitts small business has in mind, just get money for product whether it is suitable or not for a particular purpose.  There is a law against it.  It is very funny that small business’s started to ignore a consumer when they asserted that law against them a long time ago.  It means they cannot compete fairly.

Women more likely than men to start a business.  (It is true, how many times do you go to a restaurant and see the old man just sitting at a table taking up space while his older wife hobbles around on swollen ankles doing all the work.)
Romney won’t raise taxes on America.  Yes he will.
Protect sanctity of life, honor institution of marriage.  The first one say’s no abortion the second no gay marriage.  Why does he use the term Institution?  No I am not going there Mitt.  So help me God I will chase you out of this country first.
Guarantee the freedom of Religion.  Okay so If a person wants to become druid, (I can hear them already, those that do not recognize satire as a literary technique coming out of the nest and saying, “He said he wants to become a druid.”  No I didn’t.  Look back at that very carefully I started to say, If a person wants to become a Druid they are free to do so?  Druids would take human beings out into the woods and crack their heads open with rocks.  So that was a religion and that is what Newty (that’s what his mommy calls him) and Romney believe we should be FREE TO PRACTICE RELIGION.  That is what HE said!  So why did he say it?  Because the satanic gain wealth and power from doing precisely what Romney and Gingrich are advocates of.  What most Americans do not realize nor want to realize is that the technology to drive people crazy and have them labeled insane or worse yet control them has been around for over one hundred years!  Republicans are the exact opposites of what this country was founded to be.  Republicans are of the nature of person that we fought the Revolutionary War against- and they do not belong in this country.
You can use all the oil and gas you want Romney but when your great grandchildren are retarded you will not be happy and they will have no choice but to be less than human as the satanic are.

President Obama Promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet—they boohed that one?  It is a very real possibility and even Romney knows it is true.   Put this one together Mitt, you he11 bent on fossil fuels, hole in the Ozone and melting polar ice caps, gets a whole new Pangaea.  That wasn’t so hard for me to explain was it.  How come the Republicans laughed?
Romney’s promise to help you and your family.  I poked him enough about not being his father’s son already.  He is part of that viscous pansy satanic country club occult.
Begin his policy with a jobs tour.  That is just what I said should have been done in an article about Paul Ryan.  I also said that we should have a photovoltaic (that means solar panel) factory in Racine.  That is your district Pauline.  Don’t mean to step on your toes after you have been standing dormant for 13 years.

America has created dictators Obama said.  Yes we have.
Romney America freed other countries from dicatators.
Abandoned Poland by walking away from defense agreements.
Eager to give Putin agreements.
Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.
Truman and Reagan- we will return to it again.  He knows I hate both of them.
Does the America we want borrow from China. (It implies China has something we actually could or couldn’t borrow, right?  I agree.)
The many becoming one.  (No that is not how you raise children. He knows why that one pisses me off too because I wrote about it.)
Uniting to save the world from unspeakable darkness.  (That means you, yourself, Mitt Count Dracula.)
Preserve a military that is so strong no nation would dare to test it.  (We should not even need one, if you do not understand the reason why you should not be in Politics.)
We will care for the poor and the sick.  (The first step is to stop making Human Beings sick Mitt)
Peace and freedom of the world require it.  Business does not care for the poor, sick or ELDERELY!  For some reason he did not mention care for the elderly?  Mitt I hope you are the next first victim of the health care system that does not care for the poor, sick or elderly;  that would help you gain the experience you need.
A newswoman said this afterwards, Who the speech was focused to tells who they are worried about.  (I swear to God if my slipped disk ever heals I am evicting Mitt and his ilk from this country.)
And I do not mean to demonize the satanic minded because that is just how they are and are not likely to change, but I can try and create a future where the Satanic are not given the opportunity to impersonate the soul of others which denies such others of the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of our Constitution.
Then it was also Mitt Romney’s turn to speak about his father.  And here is the most valid point from what he said, HE DID NOT MENTION ANYTHING THAT HE LEARNED FROM HIS FATHER.  So now that I mention that he didn’t he will make up some things he will say that he learned from his father and tell them the next time he gives a speech.  But they will not indeed be consistent with Romney’s decisions past, present and future.  I can read that evil mind like it is a criminal on the lamb.
So why didn’t Romney mention anything that his father taught him?  Was it because his father was away all the time and neglected Mitt?  Or was it because his father had nothing to teach him?  (That is often very true today.)  Or was it because his father did not know how to teach?  Or was it because Mitt didn’t have to learn a thing in life because he was silver spooned from his fathers success?   It gets better.  A son doesn’t learn anything from his father because he has no respect for him.  If Mitt learned from his father Mitt would have gone into the auto industry too.  But that is not the way second generation wealth lives and breeds in this country. 
So if Mitt did not mention anything he learned from his father THIS TIME, who was Mitt’s father figure?
If Mitt’s father worked as hard as he did, and knew what Mitt had become he would be rolling in his grave in misery, same as Rubio’s father.  They mentioned how hard their fathers worked but what they did not say is how they themselves were not able to follow in their footsteps.  What they basically said was how someone else made their life’s possible for them; that is what Obama said too.  Obama was right but he doesn’t know the half of it or is unwilling to tell the half of it.  To be fair to Mitt my life has gotten a lot worse with Obama in office, but I cannot directly attribute that to him.
And what of Chris Christie?  He is supposed to bring out the Italian vote?  Be honest; what young Italian man Identifies with that fat man and his evil leer?  Rome was known to produce men who were health conscious.  There are very few if any good role models for Italians today that are Italian, very few.  What father say’s to his son, “I want you to eat until you get real fat and then you can through your weight around.”
Off topic:  Neither the labels of Liberal nor Conservative are accurately usages of the English Language.  And they were both defined by the Republican Party.  Do you get an idea why our education system is in such poor shape?  Has something to do with name calling doesn’t it.  Has something to do with stereotyping people doesn’t it?  Isn’t that a hidden form of racism?  Ask yourself why it has never been recognized, addressed and put to bed by the popular media?
Off topic 2:  Why good neighborhoods go bad.
The truly more intelligent should have to work less because they make smarter decisions.  That is true and it should be the motto of this country become more educated and more intelligent and you will therefore make more money and therefore have to work less.  Here is why it has not held water; the satanic learn by thinking along with you and the icing on the cake for them is when they can prevent you from remembering.  If you are uneducated and do not think for yourself what can you contribute to a Village or Country?   Nothing; you detract from it and degrade it.  The satanic do not meet the standards of the neighborhood or the country they live in.  If the measure of success in this country is to be interviewed on television by an adult who has the mind of a spoiled child, you can count me out!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. PS the Skull being the Boat and the Bones being the Oars. The Druids also liked to stick a knife in someones chest and look into the face of the person they were killing to gain the favor of their "Gods." God never favors those.