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Friday, August 10, 2012

My application to work at the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

To give you some Idea of who I am and what I stand for, here is my application to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
Address Line One
Address line Two

Dear Sir,
I cannot stand any form of corruption and crime in our society.  I feel that it erodes the foundation of freedom and also our constitution.  I have a strong analytical and synthesis background.  That means that I am very good at analyzing problems and finding the appropriate solutions for them.
I feel that there has been far too much crime in our country and that the result of this is that the United States has been put at a great disadvantage.  As I said I am very good at analyzing facts and coming to the accurate and true conclusions.  That is why I feel that I would make a great case review officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  This country needs to get very tough on every kind of crime so that we can secure a better future for the next generations.  Eliminating corruption and the negative influence it plays on decisions made in our society is indeed the key to a better future for the children of tomorrow.
You would never rid this country of crime faster than if you had me review documents related to criminals and biographies of criminals.  However you should never let me have access to critical information regarding the criminals.  Instead you should provide me with a combination of well known facts and misinformation.  Do not ask me for a full explanation as to why this would make all criminals very edgy other as my explanation to this is that our modern science has not recognized something that is very true.  When criminals get nervous they tend to make mistakes and this leads them to slip up and get caught.
If you are truly serious about fighting crime you would hire me in that respect to do just that.  You could sit me at a desk at a secure facility and have me read those “declassified” documents with some misinformation in them.  Make sure that the bottom of the mug shot with information tells how much prison time they are likely to face for their crime.  It would also be pertinent if they were made aware what the punishment for their crime was in the country of their nationality as well as countries that do not carry as great penalties for the crime as the United States does.  Criminals would end up turning themselves in or leaving the country.  You might find that criminals will start to turn themselves in and divulge all information with regard to their involvement in crime the very moment that they know that I have been hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  If I am the not the interrogator make sure to take their confessions very seriously as they may not start out by divulging all they know at first.  That is why it would be of great benefit to act like you appreciate what initial information they are to provide to you.  The most pertinent part of their confessions will likely be reserved and will come later on in their confessions with some coaxing.
This activity could be done in conjunction with planned raids on criminals.  And once again I do not want to know or be involved to the best of my knowledge with any information with regard to those plans.
Even if you just sat me at a desk for 8 hours a day in my own quiet office reading such reports that may or may not be well crafted criminals would figure out that they need to turn a new leaf and go straight.
A sentence or two with the lines blocked out to make criminals think I am onto them good.  To make them believe that they are in eminent danger of being caught.  Something they will try very hard to read to let them know they should be very scared.  Something we know about them that will allow us to take so and so into custody very soon.  Detailed facts that have just arrived that will allow us to catch a crime organization.  Evidence that they criminal thought there was no way anyone would ever be able to find.  Details as to a racketeering ring that is going to lose all of its assets.  Information about a mole in the criminal justice department who is leaking classified information.  Evidence of foreign spies based in the United States who are engaged in fraudulent activities and stealing.  Information regarding clandestine activities.
You will not find a person who can ask better questions than I do.
Thomas Paul Murphy                                           
Street Address

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