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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Letter to Credit Card Companies 08 25 2012

Letter to Credit Card Companies 08 25 2012

1.        You can have my camera
2.       You can have my boat
3.       You can have all of my tools
4.       You can have all the fishing lures I made
5.       You can have all the paintings that I painted
6.       You can have every photograph that I ever took
7.       You can have my bicycle
8.       You can have my snowshoes
9.       You can have my gun and compound bow

These are all yours and not mine.  All the things I have made out of wood; furniture- you can have all that too.

Then you can put me in a concentration camp.

How am I supposed to pay it back I have schizophrenia and everyone hates me- no one buys anything that I make or create!

The voices I hear prevent me from developing my business potential.  They do allow me to create the heart of an idea but not to perfect it.  They prevent me from learning anything new because they covet the soul they stole from me; they like the soul that they were imprinted with to be just the same as the day they received it.  That way you are never allowed to escape from having to think and learn and remember.  But that would be too much to ask from society.

Those who have my soul indeed know that they have it, they won’t admit to it publicly though.  The way this should be is that if you want to live off of someone else’s soul you are never allowed to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or take drugs.

I used to believe that the people who are of the voices were trying to separate themselves from me but just the opposite is true- they are trying to maintain a link to me, for the soul express purpose of taking the heart of my ideas.

The hidden sickness in our world is not those who have schizophrenia it is those who actively see that they have it.  Don’t start calling me crazy when the Bible tells all too well about those who do not have a soul and therefore can only get by, by stealing one.  There is no such thing as schizophrenia; it is the satanic who have stolen souls that create a fragmented mind.  That fragmented mind also creates every transgendered homosexuals and lesbians.  And many of them know who they are but it is blissful being someone else.  Rather than build their lives on the pain of their own memories, life experiences and own them- they get to pretend to be the person whom mamma’s fertility occult chanted the soul away from.

I am beat devil.  I can’t get anything done in your presence so I will no longer try.  You’ve won.

Call me the homeless loser dying in the cold already.  That is how my grandfather died and my grandmother, his wife, was a victim schizophrenia too.
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PS I can't even use all the skills and knowledge that I was taught and learned in grades school!  What does that tell you of the nature of the Satanic?  Our brave new world is not one that can sustain itself.  The term brave new world was a call to action the real phrase should have been called cowardly new world.  

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