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Friday, August 10, 2012

SIKHs 08 10 2012

SIKH’s 08 10 2012

I have to ask myself after reflecting on what I wrote yesterday, “What if the SIKH’s are not trying to tap into a universal consciousness to be one with it but rather to destroy it in order to part from it?”
In historical times when a person tapped into a wooden barrel it meant they drilled a hole in it so that they could slowly drain it and consume it.
I believe that some children are born living in an idyllic world of the soul that for lack of a better term, “Spawned them.”  Some of us are knocked out of that idyllic world earlier in life than other and some never SEEK to separate themselves until it is too late for them?  There comes a time in every person’s life however when they realize that they can no longer lie to themselves about who they are and who they should be.  This time usually comes when they interact with the material world and hurt themselves.  It can be thought of as a person touching a hot stove, getting burned, and knowing not to do that anymore.  To take that a step further when a person does burn themselves on that hot stove that is the time that they seriously have to say to themselves, “I can no longer live in the dream world because it is dangerous to me!”
Some people might even have an imaginary friend in childhood that they can never part with because they have made a connection to that person.  That would be the theme of the movie, “Drop Dead Fred.”
There is not one online newspaper of the major online news services that will let commentary be added to the Wade Page stories.  They are all said to be Jewish owned.  Not letting there be commentary and thought provoking insight in order to prevent something bad from happening again is like leaving the hot stove on and pretending it isn’t there even though it can burn you?  The laws of lightning never striking in the same place twice cannot be generalized to common daily events one needs to take personal responsibility for.
The people who seek to free themselves, meaning their conscience, from an imaginary friend that they had in childhood or adulthood have no idea that they are creating a person who will hear voices in their heads????  I mean come on!  Who cannot add one and one.  Some of you do indeed know that this is true and it is indeed your responsibility to the world to admit it!  There is no shame in who you are.  If you were part of the soul of a great person to destroy that person does indeed mean that you invalidate who you yourself are as a person.
Because the antidefimation league got in on this one, it makes me wonder if the population of the Jews in America who seek to free themselves from imaginary childhood friends or leaders of their “School of thought” are not much greater than I had presumed them to be.  If you want to think of it this way, everyone labeled schizophrenic is a childhood friend of the weak minded, who then seek to free themselves from that conscience by drilling a good hole in that barrel so that soul is out of balance as the brains leak out?  And every schizophrenic, some Jews are too, is indeed a person who has many people who consider them as if they were their imaginary childhood friend?
Many SIKH’s are said to be cab drivers.  I have often wondered what role cab drivers play in missing persons.  SIKH’s believe in militarism and it means they carry concealed weapons sometimes.  People in a profession tend to know very well the nature of others in that profession.
When I was a boy as I sat and learned from those I watched on television I actually felt to be a part of what I saw.  (Today I don’t find they meet my standards.)  As I watched I can even remember praying that Phil Donahue and Barbara Walters would ask the tough question that I was thinking of.  I was thinking along with those on television.  And maybe I was even a little jealous of the accomplishments I saw then.  But what I ended up saying to myself then and thinking how I should be was like this, “You are just a boy.  It is not practical for you to believe you could do all those things right now today.  That means you should learn and wait until adulthood come, then you can do all those things you see on television.” (ignore the narrative point of view with regards to accrediting the idea)  That very idea right there seems to be the polar opposite than someone who would seek to tap into a conscience or drill a hole in a barrel, if you will.
I don’t believe in hate groups or white power groups, etc.  I am just one person who knows that what I say is true.
I have one question for those who would claim in defense that they were unknowingly tapping into the conscience of a real live human being, or maybe it is more of a statement, I will label it Q1, “If you unknowingly, as you would say in your defense with regard to your argument, tapped into the conscience of a real live human being and de-stabilized them and they were de-balanced, maybe you should not have done that?”  By the way, some women told me that Adolph Hitler had the exact same symptoms as schizophrenics do.  Again I am not a white supremest and have no affiliation with any such groups  or groups like them and nor do I want to.
Okay, Okay So the SIKH’s have been at this for 500 years!  That means they must have ways and means to and doctrine and rules etc that allow them to safeguard and distinguish between when they have tapped into some unknown and unproven universal conscience and when they have erred and bored leaking and destabilizing hole into the conscience of a real live human being.
If my theory is true, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is,… I just want to say those who have had their souls bored into encompass every race, creed and religion.  So my belief does not per say allow you to label me as a racist, anti-Semite, anti SIKH, or anti dungeon keep torturing out of souls kings castle based religion.  BTW, Ireland had castles too.  I have to ask the question, “Do the great castles predominate Northern Ireland and not Southern?”  The SIKH’s did have a connection in history to Great Britian.  What do think Joan of Arc was up to and why?  Is she a Saint?  I’m going to go ahead and do that, I am going to go ahead and declare Joan of Arc a Saint.
I think there might be some more info to support my theory in the later part of the Gospel of Nicodemus.  So I will read that.
Isn’t it about time in the history of the world that you “fess up?”  A lot of Police Officers lives would be saved if you did.  These incidents have happened in the past and they will happen in the future because no-one wants to analyze why they are occurring.  Do you want to know why no-one wants to try and figure it out?  Because they are still in their blissful world with their childhood friend and that is the exact person who goes nuts because of them!  We do not sacrifice souls for the weak minded in the last bastion of the free.
If you find yourself wanting to react outwards from what you read that I have written I strongly advocate that you emulate Martin Luther King and be peaceful.  One should think of teaching and knowledge not as a justification for violence but rather quiet education.  Martin Luther King knew all too well his movement of Civil Rights would be defeated if he incited violence.  I read on the Internet that the FBI urged him to commit suicide.  Funny thing is that he was assassinated.  That kind of reads like the Bible where it says that the reason the San Hadron decided to murder Jesus Christ was because he knew what they did.  It implies they, the San Hadron, were doing something wrong doesn’t it.  The Bible doesn’t really mention Jesus a Jew doing anything wrong, to the contrary we are taught that he never sinned.  And another funny thing is that it occurred about the same time Kennedy was also assassinated. 
 If a child and adult has an imaginary friend that imaginary friend is the equivalent of what the Bible calls, “A living God.”
That is why Jesus Christ, a Jew, was crucified!  That bully who sits across from you in school might believe you are his imaginary friend.
These are indeed Semite teachings!
Police Officers are killed in the line of duty every time this happens and the sad fact is that some of them, a very few, know why and do not admit it.
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PS does Hadron = the HYDRA the Bible refers to?  SAN means with.  With the Hydra.  I have come to free you :)  .

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