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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Law Needed Those who pay to have someone murdered are 08 23 2012

In our legal system those who pay to have someone murdered are just as guilty as those who do.

So the question arises: are those who hide the actions of child molesters just as guilty as the child molestor?

If a figure in a religious organization takes action that hides the actions of a child molester is he not guilty to.

Why do the Sandusky's are Paterno's do this?  They do not do it for no reason.  It is their bad religion. And they should have been outlawed for these actions a long time ago.

This would be the core of the law.

"If the head of a religious organization gives any money whatsoever, or has done so, to a priest or other person who has molested children that head of the religious organization should be considered just as guilty as the one who committed the Satanic act."

If this law, with sound basis in our legal system, were enacted it would go a long way from preventing evil being done to our children.

I do not know the rules for sexual predators but I am pretty sure that some Catholic Schools would have their priests barred from being anywhere near the children.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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