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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Stapled up SIKH 08 22 2012

The Stapled up SIKH
As I looked at the chest of the SIKH who was shot by Wade Page… I just have to ask myself, “Is that indeed modern medicine; a roll of staples three feet long?  Is that supposed to be modern medicine?”
You have to be kidding me!
Is it really because of some Aides virus or is it because today’s doctors have no manual dexterity?
At least we could have a machine with a disposable head that ran a line of stitches.  I remember when Singer first came out with that Handi-stitch {® of Singer?}  (sp?) I thought that was the greatest thing ever to customize all my outdoor gear with.
You cannot tell me that we do not have the technology to create a stitcher like I have described.  Do you know why no-one ever thought of it?  It is very simple the vast majority of our population is cold hearted and money grabbing. 
You call that progress?  That stitch looked right out of some science fiction horror movie where they are grafting on dead body parts.  Seriously that looks like something from the medieval age.
Just stand back and look at the trees or forest of that one and you see how far we have to go in terms of our healthcare system.
Let’s see how this one goes.
“I just got a three inch cut in my leg.  Do you mind if I stitch up myself rather than the staplers.”
“We would have to arrest you for that.”
“Oh I see, you are one who has already been staple gun converted.”  :)

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  1. First the Satanic race brought us homosexuality, then we have the aides virus because of them,and now when we have surgery we get a line of staples as stitches; also because of them.

    I am wondering how many feeble minded of a group or religion believe that being one of the mind with someone also believes being one in the body with someone and use this as a psychotic reason...for a man having sex with another?- To be one with the body per religion. Eastern religion does indeed profess mind and body? This is not my thinking but written commentary about those I see in this world.