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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Missing Children In Iowa 08 01 2012

Two Missing Children In Iowa 08 01 2012
With no evidence of a struggle it means they were taken by what looks to a child to be a trusted source in our society.  An Ice Cream truck, Construction crew members wearing safety vests, a mock black and white painted squad car (I saw one of these in Saukville last week when I took my elderly mother out to breakfast and he was pulled over by a real police officer.  It has great symbolism in terms of the future of this country.)
For all of our psychological studies we still have not been able to quickly figure out who these people are.  I will give you a hint what type of people they are; Satanic.  That means the kidnapper’s were raised to live in the life’s energy taken from others.

What the heck am I talking about?  The history of the world tells of many cultures who have sacrificed people as part of ritual.  It is really the projection of delusion of the weak minds in power pointing out who they are jealous of and giving themselves and everyone else a believable excuse to hurt, ruin and kill people.  The following digresses more into religion than the original legal pad.  Indeed the Catholic Church has advocated with non oblique terminology when they recite, “  Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.”  Isn’t it just possible that generations after that of Jesus Christ might be able to get along without harming others?  Might it not be a hopeful way to think that some people might come into being that still do not need the martyr of Jesus, a Jew, to forgive themselves for everything bad they do and are about to do?  In other words the rich man who committed a crime walks into church gives a great offering to the hat and then goes to the confessional.  What should happen next is that the priest breaths hell fire with regard to what he did wrong, ie molesting boys, until he isn’t a sinner anymore!!!!   “Jesus died to save us, etc, etc etc.  And no one can figure out why the boys were molested.”  How about this new one, “Those children belong to me because Jesus died to save us?”  You can get into all kinds of corollary psychotic justifications if you want to mock those of the evil mind with this one.
Anyhow if you are driving through the country and look at the farms as you pass you can see differences between healthy cows and sick livestock.  Sick livestock keep their heads down and when people drive by they are more prone to hiding.  Healthy livestock more happily chew a big chunk of green cud that hangs out both sides of their mouths when you drive by.   Sick looking livestock are often branded more than once!!! Look for this if you believe that whoever kidnapped these children might be local.  If you have human empathy you feel or know who has been bad to people or animals or “intone” that someone has been bad to people or animals when you are in their presence.
I once read a classic short story written by a famous author.  (Contact the UW Milwaukee English department for author and title.)  The theme of it was that the members of the town had a secret life.  They gathered in the forest clearing at night and let their “animal” behavior “out” or became (preretoult??? Sp?  Word?? Can’t read my own writing.)  Good things did not happen there and the only way these things occur is if religious leaders indeed are two faced and condone participation in them.  Shouldn’t the religious leader know all bad that is going on and that should serve to keep the country and world from going to hell in the hand basket?  It looks like just the opposite has been the case. 
It may not be the Lutheran Minister or the Catholic Priest but it could be someone similar in that they were raised by being disillusioned from believing in God and Religion by knowing of the nature of a two sided dark heart, I.e. Parent or minister as parent.  It creates a horrific structure of fear based leadership in a community.
Many horrific crimes in our society are committed by and condoned by those whose thinking is dependent to others in a community and imprinted by them to the point that their personal psychology becomes one of self pity and helplessness which ultimately leads to the psychotic belief from their deranged justification that their lives are renewed and fulfilled by SACRIFICING OTHERS in some way. 
Who hasn’t seen the wry smile of someone who you know has hurt other people?  It is a mocking leer of power.  It is also present in every Republican Politician that takes the podium.  I have even seen it on the face of Barrack Obama.  In early U.S. history people who whipped slaves ruled this way- all falsely justified early on in the pages of the Bible!  Only the Satanic feeble minded who think the thoughts of others would indoctrinate that!
I had to ask myself the question, “WHAT KIND OF WOMEN KIDNAPP BABIES OR WOULD WANT TO BUY ONE?”  And this is the answer that started to come out of the ticker.  Mass psychology and pier support are created when young women attend college together and as they live in the dorms or sororieties all end up having the same “reproductive cycle” (My spell checker is a lazy bones checker in MSFT word and if I gloss through it once the spell checker will not let me see words that I okayed just so I could get to the one word I wanted to spell check while I was writing it.  Kind of sounds a lot like some American workers doesn’t it; “I done that already?” they say with spiteful tongue.  Honestly I already know that I used the spellchecker.  ABC arrow spell checker you don’t have to sit there and stonewall face me like you are on your break and resent me your Microsoft product customer!)  Back from digression.  Anyhow this creates a unified vibe of understanding or rather not being to recognize and understand evil when they see it!  It is like they are bound to the thoughts of the lowest common denominator women in terms of either, intelligence or naivety.  Interesting point not on yellow paper.  They all want to be the woman who is naive.  Naive really does mean a good hearted person who does not believe in what?  The evil ones that are all imprinted by her?  I hate to say it because it bothers me and I love this type of woman, but she forms the weak link in their mass psyche as they all want to be her.  And she is the only good woman of the lot of them.
Anyhow what they want to believe about themselves and the thoughts that they hear from people like her they use to placate and dismiss any thoughts of the heartfelt type concern for others.  When you turn on a television set and notice adult women pandering to low standards and receiving great applause for acting like the spoiled little girls or brats you get some idea of a societal construct that supports and promotes evil in this culture.
You might also agree that these types of women that are given the “podium” as an example of the standard of intelligence and morals we are to have are the first ones who say that these horrific actions defy analysis.  Not true- they just defy analysis by you and the highly paid mock expert who is your guest.  They are hiding their own guilt for their true nature when the act dumbfounded.
Very few on television have been educated enough to serve as a role model for others.  And real education involves the ability to demonstrate that you have learned and indeed have the good nature and ability to solve the hardest problems.  Honestly ask yourself, isn’t that consistent with modern television?  What you see on modern television is regurgitated “Lamb of God” used to paint a two dimensional person as if they indeed had a depth of intelligence.
(I wonder if the weak world is not created by husbands giving into such women and/or indeed giving them the opportunity to paint the fence white.) (meaning to be responsible for all work and call the shots”)  You might think of that sentence as having two or more layers of depth in parentheses that is too hard for your head to comprehend and therefore set this down as irrelevant.
By reading those last two paragraphs can you tell that suppressed males have entered the realm of my school of thought?  -That or either stout looking women that consider themselves unladylike.  Or souless women?  Anyhow I ask myself, “Is that the origin of male chauvinism?”   The tail of the zealot like to thin out the meaning of what I have written on yellow legal pad as I type it into the computer.  The nature of satan is indeed someone who tries to talk over your professional mind while you are trying to concentrate and get work done.  The woman doing this right now as I type has a group of wealthy school children sitting in front of her.  I know that many of them are indeed adopted and paid for adoptions. She is yelling with an odd and noisy voice.  And after she is done the I often decide to change the sentences I write.  I can not get away from women like this wherever I go.  And there are men that are the exact same way and they make up the corporate culture that has sent all of our jobs to China.  The original yellow legal pad handwriting of this was indeed written to help psychologically profile who would kidnap the two children in Iowa!
Intelligent people are not easily dumbfounded when being told of new ideas or constructs that are build on a foundation of premises that they should have known.  The intelligent person reacts to new information by saying to themselves by saying to themselves, “I see the apex of the idea is built from the two or four premises in the triangle or pyramid blocks just below it respectively.  Contrast this to the non-inteligent who have eyes that become wide and mouths that from round holes (like sucking under duress right) as their jaws sag and they cannot figure out why the banana cream pies keep falling off the end of the conveyor belt and onto the floor.
The occurrence of two missing little girls isn’t funny.  It’s not something we glaze ove so that we can readily allow ourselves to laugh at the next pie falling onto the floor. 
Let me ask you this.  Is that male you see on television whose mind is occupied with gay thoughts of being bent over a barrel and sodomized or of giving felatio to another male that he finds to be a heart throb really going to be able to provide insight into a problem such as this when he is part of a televised conversation regarding it?  Two kidnapped children?  The thoughts of the psyche of such a person do not have the central focus of someone that could.  (Who is that someone who could?  A truly independent and responsible thinking father that is comfortable raising the children he sired and his sons when they grow up?) Be honest the only reason he is on television is that the race of women does not find him offensive.  He is the male figure who is supposed to give the emotional thinking point of view of a male in order to placate females audiences who do not want to argue on the basing of love and reason.  Any male who does experiences a hormonal sortie like I am experiencing from them right now as I write this.
It is hard to explain what I am getting at.  But a complete person has built their life on an understanding that fits the best norm or standard of a society.  Some would argue that this is idealism.  But I would argue that it should be “normism.”  There is a new name for a religion if you want to start one, “NORMISM”  But you better not start your own religion because the Bible that advocated using slaves and their children would accuse you of being Satan because you have your own church.  Yes siree right there in the Bible again.
It is like, “If my hobby is building houses out of stacked playing cards when a talk show guest of mine or news guest comes on television who makes their living  stacking playing cards (J)  on their edges to build houses I am in my immediate and true repoire with them and they are with me.  A viewer can immediately see the commonality the now “two” on television have as they indeed enjoy each others company and intellectual repoire that is based on responding in “same” time to nuances of thought that they both have in common.  BTW every schizophrenic experiences this type of DOUBLE CROW harassment wherever they go all throughout their lives.
And indeed the ability to be personable in this manner is what keeps them on screens.  It does seem to pander to lower levels of thought.  People don’t turn on the television to be left with unresolved conflict.  Television indeed provides a catharsis to the unresolved conflicts in their daily life; as does tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  If you can get hooked on exercise; but don’t get injured while you do or you will have nothing to do but sit in a chair and type our bitch word prose.  Let’s start that logic array from the top without JTW interfering. 
a.       People don’t turn on the television to be left with unresolved conflict.
b.      For unresolved conflict should be the precursor to thought.
c.       Human thought requires human emotion as they are INSEPERABLE.  (unless….)
d.      And what does human emotion require?  Human emotion requires feeling.  That is the key feeling!
e.      After we work in the world of limited liability we go home and do not want to use the feeling and thinking parts of our brains because we readily remember how rotten people (or otherwise) were to us all day. (I could mention the comics that pander to and support the creation of human angst.)  But if I were to promote this same archetype of thought a King would have their heads.)
Conclusion:  we turn on the television and become less than human as we no longer have to think or feel about every emotion.
You are not allowed to think about every emotion, created in the news for too long before war is propaghandized as the solution.
Unhappy people are placated by seeing a politician advocating war.  Is this really a bait and switch.  Think of it this way, the news telecast 11 domestic incidents in a row that are very disturbing and are advocated as having no solution.  Then a politician with a stature that mimics a superhero advocates the involvement of the United States in a war between two foreign countries.
You have just been sold a blunt solution to a problem that you didn’t have!
Stay tuned for part II of this three or four part essay.

More topically relevant stuff:  You know when I was a boy I remember two men from the tennis courts coming over to my house while I was alone.  They saw me drinking out of the outdoor faucet tap of the house and wanted to know if they could have a drink too.  There was a bubbler at the tennis courts and I was well aware of that.  I kept my distance from them and did not turn my back to them.  They had the smiles of Mr. Friendlies.  Later on in life I recognized one of them as being a pharmacist at the local drugstore.  When I looked him in the eye as I purchased the zombie medicine I let him know that I knew what he was and he knew I knew.  He avoided me.  Anyhow Mr. Friendlies can go out in the dessert to find water in this country.

And by the way where was the missing children broadcast alert?  I live in Wisconsin a nearby State and would have like to have heard it broadcast here.  You know what?  If I were President every missing children or person alert from anywhere in the country would be broadcast simultaneously on every television station in the country.  Do you know what would happen?  We would no longer have any televised broadcast content.  (Content is the subject of another article written and not typed yet.)

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