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Friday, August 24, 2012

Letter to Scott Walker 08 24 2012

Letter to Scott Walker 08 24 2012

If there was ever a bill on the table to prevent nude sunbathing at Mazo beach Wisconsin you should sign it.

But first make all the beach goer's who are using the park daily sign in to use the park.  We are going to want to know exactly who these people are.

It makes you wonder if they are not the origin of Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer as they were the aides virus.  And yes you were the origin of the aides virus; viral bacterial laden feces can indeed modify viral strains and genetic matter to make worse virus's.  Why the heck do you think that God called you an abomination?  It is because no man would do that to another or should ever want to.

I am not going to get into how homosexual men prefer younger men just like straight men prefer younger woman and how this has translated into boys being raped.  But it is a very valid construct.  We already have empirical evidence to the contrary of what Gays proclaim their rights should be.  Jeffrey Damner can not be considered anything less than a psychopathic homosexual and he raped and killed young men.  It is not normal to want to sexually gratify yourself to another man, it is seeking something that they themselves can not be and there is indeed no end to it.   What makes them the happiest people seems to be when they flaunt their gayness in front of others; the reason being is that they do not have the soul of a man and this is their attempt to get attention from that soul.  It might even be a cry for help from them as to how they were formed or developed in life.

I can tell you that when I was a young man, not 18, many queers liked to make passes at me because they considered me good looking and full of life.  I have never been a homo, but my opinion is very true.

And also I like to eat my lunch sometimes at that little parking lot in Estabrook part that drives down under the bridge and I have been approached by homo's on more than one occasion.  A man should not have to fend off such advances from another man.  You just do not have the right to approach me if you are a gay man no matter what you believe or how your momma raised you.

That is just a nice little place to eat my lunch in seclusion and watch the river water flowing by.  Hey former Milwaukee County Parks Director, we need some more places like this but homo free in Milwaukee.

Those natural areas are not places for you to get in touch with your homosexuality in some form of delusion that you are nature boys.  Those natural areas and parks are for people who love and respect nature.  And the nature of the human man is not that of homosexuality.

To be fair I do not hate gay people.  I believed that I have talked to many, but cannot be sure, and have had good conversations.  I like to give the homo the benefit of the doubt with regard to that they might be straight.  Maybe they had a wicked father or mother.  Or maybe they are a soul that was transgendered by the voices of the UnHoly Grail that drive real men to disability from hearing voices in their heads.

So ban nude sunbathing there and ticket violators as a source of revenue.

Copyright 2012  Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  When I was a boy I used to like to venture into that park as it is within walking distance from my house.  If I had a son I would not let him go there because of what I have seen.  That is not what parks are for.

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  1. The other reason the English Druids did this was to foretell the future. The Romans are said to have wiped them out but we know that they did not get all of them and we also know that the Romans adopted or still conformed with Druid practices in many ways, one of them being crucifixion.