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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan of Wisconsin’s 1st district 08 19 2012

Paul Ryan of Wisconsin’s 1st district.
Just looking at the map that district looks to be mostly Rock, Walworth, Kenosha, Racine and what looks to be some of Southern Milwaukee and Southern Waukesha.
I drove through these counties earlier this summer and they are very poor!  Manufacturing plants in them are boarded up and the extremely large parking lots have grass growing up through the cracks that is turning them into gravel.
Time and responsibility for Wisconsin’s 1st district:
Mark Neumann January 3rd 1995 to January 3rd 1999
Paul Ryan January 3rd 1999 to present.  That makes roughly thirteen years without tucking the math in.
Per Paul Ryan’s own website the unemployment rate in the Nation is 8.3%.  Now here is the part that condemns him.  He has had that position for roughly 13 years and on his website he does not overtly state what the employment rate is for his whole district.  He just say’s that the unemployment rate in some parts of his district is as high as 10%.
If the Republicans want to make this election about jobs they have shot themselves in the foot already.  If Paul were indeed the right Republican Candidate he would be stepping forward and saying, “Look what I did for the first 13 years as a Senator in that district!  I am so proud I brought the unemployment rate down to less than 3% (remember he didn’t really do that I am just making that up, the unemployment rate is really as high as 10%.)
He has absolutely nothing to crow about!  And I cannot figure out for the life of me what he is doing in public office.  A real man would drive through those broken down streets and see the boarded up buildings and the empty fenced in parking lots and say, I know just the type of business that would do well for us here, and I am going to make that happen for us.  That wasn’t Paul Ryan and it never will be.
Instead what Paul Ryan wants to do is blame the whole problem on someone else.  Remember he was in that power spot of responsibility for 13 years already.
A real man can see through this BS.  Paul Ryan only made it in life because he married money.  And after he married money then he became in with the in crowd and so there he sits, like an obstruction to the freedom of American and what is was created to be.
You only vote for someone like Paul Ryan because you are an escapist that desperately wants to maintain the delusion you have created about yourself.  Romney, Thompson, Walker, are all the same way.  And to be honest with you, Barrack Obama creates a nice delusion for young black America too doesn’t he.  I don’t like to bad mouth him because I know that he did have good intentions, right Barrack.
All of Paul Ryan’s statistics obfuscate the issue and the focus from the true nature of the problem.  He can’t see the forest for the trees because he married money and never has to worry about it again in his life.  He married it, he does not know how to create it or help other people create it.  Romney is about the same with regard to his intellect; he just pacifies those who don’t have the intelligence to understand our economy, life and the true nature of religion.  If he were President at best he would get up there and talk and talk for four years, the nation would not make any progress and very quickly he would resort to blaming everyone else and create a distraction by taking the U.S. to war.  If you really want to keep that evil wealth a secret that is exactly what you would try and do because, if you had a draft and Apple Pie Americans put in the same tent with pawing homo’s you would have friendly fire and violent shootings like you could never imagine; wait we have that already today.  What are you going to do kick all the Homo’s out of the military and send the Apple Pie Americans over to the Middle East to fight for the lady men back home and now as the foreign country admits to; in Israel too?
Some homosexuals are indeed created by the wealth class driving the souls from men and women and labeling them schizophrenics.  There is just no other way you get those transgendered souls.  That is the soul of the screech owl Lilith woman that the ancient Hebrew feared that displaced the natural Semite soul that descended from heaven -as the Bible describes the process.  This is the exact reason that the living God of the Bible viewed them as an abomination to God!  That Lilith mother traded their men’s souls for wealth at the expense of what the Bible calls a living God.  And there were at least three different living Gods in the Bible.  God and Lord mean about the same thing. But if you want to know what everyone in England wants to be when they grow up they want to be called a Lord.  England is where our banking system came from and also were the Ivy league college hazing of the intelligent of the middle class who had their own souls comes from.
So what is Paul Ryan going to say if he were elected to the Office of Vice President? 
I could think of half a dozen large manufacturing operations that would do well in Wisconsin.  But we cannot start them under the current corporate structure.  They would have to be started under a profit sharing structure that had a tax advantage.  And they would have to have a business culture that viewed employee rights and health above all else.  And also they would have to have a positive impact on the community.  This will never happen though because what my research is telling me is that communities are torn apart in favor of the wealthy satanic over the good families in the name of wealth creation.
So you have 10% unemployment and a cadre of Satanic minded rich people who hears others thoughts and profits from them.  Does that sound like a fair balance to you? None of Paul Ryan’s solutions address the root of the problem; so the root of the problem is not going to go away.  And those who vote for him vote for him for that very reason!  What happens is that those problems continue to get worse on a national level under Paul Ryan until we are all in bread lines.  I only took my boat to Rock Lake one or was it Kengoosa lake, I can’t remember, but I believe I went through Jefferson where Paul Ryan hails from.  But it was about 2 years ago, and indeed there was a line two blocks long of people waiting to get food; maybe it was cheese?
There  were a lot of automobile plants in Wisconsin.  I think we need whole new car mfg plants.  We could make them to be a lot more efficient stylish, cheaper, and even solar electric based.
The poor in Racine and Kenosha don’t care as long as they can get their pack of smokes, six pack and watch a game on television.  And escape into the delusion that they could have been a rich quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  That makes them happy to believe they are something else; all that is time they could have been spending with their children- teaching them how to be good people that someone would want to work for and respect.  Teaching them how to make their own decisions in life.  Teaching them how to work together with other people.  Teaching them how to care for their living environments.  Teaching them how to be the good citizen and not the false righteous.
I give up.
Wait I will type a little more stuff that I wrote earlier this morning.  You won’t like it either.
“The Engineers of a Dead World”
They wait until the leader of their schools of thought die- so they do not have to think anymore whatsoever.  There are people in this country without engineering degrees that would make better engineers that what we have at American Corporations.  Why?  The true American innovators and inventors have been weeded out.  This is also why there is not manufacturing sector in the United States; it was too hard for the dependent minded to address the concerns of the human American Worker.
Do you want to know what they said in business school?  They said that human resources and boards of directors love to hire the person who has a life time of screwing things up.  That didn’t make sense to me until I reflected on it ten years later.  Because while that person, (satanic & dependent minded) is actively screwing up the work of others the satanic learn!  The Satanic never really learn, because their minds were never formed through the loving and caring experience of first person knowledge.
Well there you have it, and you wouldn’t know it unless you underwent the horror of the experience.  But if you don’t want to believe go ahead because you will be on the wrong side of that horror when the high wealth class neglects you to the point of starvation.  Yep that’s exactly how my father told me what the Great Depression was like.  He said something like this; you could tell who had money.  You know what they look like as well as I do.  They hold their nose high in the air and act like you should not believe anything other than they deserve all that they have attained because they are better or superior for some reason.   It isn’t true.  The truth is that they bear a shame so great that they keep it secret.  Vote for Paul Ryan and you ensure that secret is kept and also maybe your own starvation.
Interestingly enough Mitt Romney, the words came out of his mouth once, “I don’t care very much about the poor.” He is trying to shovel as much dirt over that statement to bury it as he possibly can.  But the effect of his hypothetical Presidency would be true to the words that spit from his mouth and not his shiny new shovel.
I care about the poor because they are part of my country Mitt, please leave.
By the way last night on the news Scott Walker was endorsing Tommy Thompson.  The man looks like he has a brain full of cob webs!  His face does not show any signs of himself having the ability to reflect on personal knowledge and speak with regard to it.  Instead to me it looks as if he thinks in the manner of thoughts that form as a result of spite.  This is indeed what I have found to be a characteristic of a soul that has been transgendered to more of a female form of thinking.  Indeed he tries to compensate for it by barking out as loud as he can blunt statements designed to make one think they are weak if they don’t agree with him.  A bonafide member of the Kings Essene Religion?  You better believe it.  And that is why they vote for him.
That’s all I can stand to type.  I don’t like having to write this anymore than you like trying to deny it’s true.

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