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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan 08 11 2012

Paul Ryan the man who looks like he walked up out of a coffin wants to repeal Obama Care?
Romney called Paul Ryan the next President when he chose him today.  Paul Ryan can never be sworn in as the next President of the United States.  Why not?  Because to be sworn in as President of the United States means that you take an oath to protect the constitution.  Paul Ryan already has violated the illegal search and seizure provision of the Constitution by voting for Electronic Surveillance without a warrant.  Electronic surveillance is indeed an illegal search.
I will tell you exactly what the reason for this electronic surveillance without a wiretap is and why it is so important to the Republican agenda in an article titled, “Modified Ganzfield Doctors.”
Essentially the reason that Republicans do not care for health care for all is because they figured out a way using electronic technology spawned from Nazi Germany to cure themselves by transmitting their sickness to other people using voice modulated electronic frequencies that are based on the diseases they have.
First of all the fact that you can transfer disease to someone else in this manner implies that your disease is caused by your own negative life’s energy, what you believe in and how it manifests itself in your body.  Why?  Because if the sickness can be transferred through the ether from one person to another via the means of electronic technology that has a surveillance aspect to it, it means that the disease that you have settled upon you originally because of your own weakness.
Don’t believe it is true?  You don’t have to but when the life is drained out of you over night by the use of this fascist technology and you never saw it coming you very well wish that you did.
If you read one of my articles yesterday I described how Marconi was a fascist…just read my article titled The Pope at:
The bottom line is that a man who has already defied the Constitution of the United States by his vote as a Senator cannot be sworn in as President to protect it.  Why?  Because we already know that when he takes that oath that he is lying with regard to his intention to protect the Constitution of the United States as President.
If something bad happens to you your fate is in your own means, God or a Doctor and not the coffin electrolysis of an innocent United States Citizen.  That coffin electrolysis method is indeed how doctors and some numbers men assume authoritative knowledge.

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