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Friday, August 3, 2012

Wisconsin Business Opportunity 08 03 2012

Wisconsin Business Opportunity 08 03 2012
A man I met while fishing told me that he talked to a lawyer who lived on Pine Lake in Waukesha County Wisconsin.  This lawyer, he talked to, represented the Tobacco Companies and was a multimillionaire.  The lawyer said that he had nothing in net worth compared to the others that lived on the lake.  They were all billionaires.  I am curious to know how these Wisconsin billionaires made their money but that digresses.
In order to prevent the spread of invasive species all boat ramps could have young men and women who could quickly rinse off your boat with a hose and a soap benign to both lake or all forms of hull.  When not cleaning your boat they just stay out of the way or ramp area so as not to provide a boat launch distraction.
If those young adult’s parents lived on the lake they could receive $5 for every boat they washed from a pool of money.  They could prove that the washed the boat by using an official date and time stamping camera. 
This money would come from the property taxes of those who lived on the lake.  Or their parents might get a property tax credit of $5 for every boat they washed.
People that live on lakes ten to act like the lakes belong to them and not the public.  This attitude has done nothing to keep mercury from acid rain from polluting lakes.
Also all boats of residents of lake homes that are docked at docks, located on premises or boat house—or just owned by the residents should have a motor that meets the latest emission standards.
I saw a young woman on the lake with her son.  And it was just a beautiful thing.  But she did not have an expensive boat.  People who have registered motors with the state and have low household incomes ought to get a tax credit to upgrade them to a new outboard.
The boat rinser’s could have official shirts and obey a rule of not speaking at all until spoken to.
If sons and daughters of the community who do not have homes on the lake wash the boats the money to pay for this, $5 a boat, comes from an incremental “Lot” property tax increase.
It will never forget when I took my neighbor fishing on Lake Elkhart.   A brat adult was trailing his brat son on water skis and they passed by very close to us and the killed yelled, “We’ll sink you!”
Or when a resident of Pewaukee Lake asked if I could give his Expensive Ranger boat a tow.  He kept pleading at me like a telemarketer.  Telling me that he burnt out a fuse to his gas gauge.  I had the 4hp motor my father, a school teacher bought, on a rental boat.  It burnt out a coil on that four horse power motor.  It cost $300 to have repaired and this was 12 years ago.
And if a shoreline resident tried to subvert the spirit of this law so that they collect money from this service their total fairly assessed property tax bill is to double.  If this does not dissuade them then it keeps doubling.
The additional rules would have to be; it is free to the boat owner.
They not speak until spoken to.
Would have to have technical knowledge with regard to flushing motors.
A boat owner is under no obligation that they are to wash his/her boat.
They are not allowed to receive money or tips.
And they might be required to call men sir.
Do you already see why this will never work?

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