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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In the future you will have the choice between 08 07 2012

In the future you will have the choice between  08 07 2012

In the future you will have the choice between alcohol and cars.  And you have to make that choice today.

Because of overproduction and use of oil we have created a whole in our ozone that as it expands could lead to a 1000 year drought. In the year 1020 there was an 18 year drought.  It will only get worse if we keep using oil to make gas and think that we can augment our automobile fuel needs with ethanol because if we experience a "Ozone hole drought" we will not even be able to produce ethanol from corn.

Man will not change his ways so this is indeed the direction we are headed into.

So what will happen in the future?  Man will still have his barely and grapes to make alcohol and he will use what little water we have left to produce alcohol.  So man will come to the choice of either making fuel for cars or alcohol to drink.

What was Jesus Christ statement at the last supper?  He was saying that the reason none of you have strength of character in this world is because you drink and then sacrifice others to compensate for your lack of soul.

Believe it or not I am not the first person to think of it this way.  There are lyrics from a song  by the "Police" an eighties band.  They go something like this,  "I'll send an SOS to the World, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle."

That is indeed Jesus Christ message to the world.

If you were smart here is what you would do.  You would prepare today for when a drought comes so that we still have energy.  How do we do that?  We divert some of our crop production space to build photovoltaic array fields that can be used to store electricity and charge electric cars.  The battery technology of the electric car will become more efficient as people compete to improve the technology and eschew the drinking of alcohol.

We have the land space to do so with tobacco and fields that are used to produce beer and hard alcohol.  That alcohol has done us absolutely no good.  It washes our memories of knowledge and what is right from wrong every time we drink it.  They used to say in Catholic School that alcohol does not affect the fetus.  Nothing could be further from the truth!!!  The exact same thing it does to adults it does to the potential of a human fetus.  Alcohol negatively affects every cell in your body as fast as it evaporates into the air.  There is an  interesting point I just thought of as I was typing.  Try this sometimes, start a paragraph and think of what new thoughts you think of as you reflect and think forward on what you have just written.  The interesting point is this.  God is said to have provided us everything that we need on this earth.  A corollary of logic or an extension of logic with regard to this has to do with other facets of our common sense.  You might think of this as some kind of mysticism but,  "If you pour a pure form of alcohol on a table top, like rubbing alcohol, and it rapidly evaporates into the air, maybe that is God's way of telling you it is something that is best left to disappear by this natural process."  When you drink it where does it go?  Some comes out on your breath and is aspirated and exhaled through your lungs.  The rest dulls anything to do with regard to human reproduction.  Alcohol is basically the fruit of the rotting process in nature and that is exactly what people who are conceived in its presence and subjected to it in the womb become.  In fact they become so rotten that they would try and construct an artificial tree in the form of a cross and pin you back up to it with nails- as if you were the apple that did not fall and rot.  Even the wicked are bound to this knowledge and it emanates from the abstract meanings of their negative actions and crimes.

Are their people in this world, males who would say they are your friend or females that portend to be your girlfriend who would say or leave you with the impression, "You are not a man because you don't drink alcohol?"  Nothing could be further from the truth; you are more of a man because you don't.  The most responsible behavior a male can have is to abstain from drinking any alcohol or taking any drugs.  Do you know who will push you to drink alcohol and take drugs?  Those who are cognitively and soul impaired because of the metabolic influence of alcohol and drugs. (I've gone into detail about this other times ad nauseum.)

In the future I would like to see men and women chose each other as mates without any influence of alcohol or drugs; if this were the way it would become a much better world with more responsible thinking.  I shudder to think how many babies are conceived by drunken adults having irresponsible sex.  Maybe you would truly like your child to have a better life than yourself.

You might also think of it this way in terms of what some my pontificate as being religious mysticism, when the sun is shining brighter on the earth maybe it is telling us that we should start very soon to utilize it for power.  We should have been doing this 40 years ago but we did not.  Now the sun is becoming much stronger as our ozone is being depleted by Wars for Oil.

The sad truth is that this country, the United States of America does not have the intelligence or strength of character to implement photovoltaic electric energy.

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  1. So some where in there I figured out why the meaning of life is a tree.