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Friday, August 17, 2012

Now they are telling you that one in three of you Baby Boomers has Hepatitis C 08 17 2012

Now they are telling you that ~one in three of you Baby Boomers has hepatitis C?  08 17 2012

Who knew this already?  I did.  I could smell that rotting liver on your breath and told you all so.
Here is what they are not telling you.
Diabetes- A scarred and compromised liver from Hep-C does indeed affect the body’s ability to digest sugars.  Also, when the alcohol make you susceptible to the Hep C virus it is at the same time ruining your pancreas.
Heart Disease- A compromised liver also makes your body less able to digest fats such as cholesterol.
You could never figure out where that grocery belly came from could you?
Why didn’t they tell you that it was all due to your live and drinking?  Because if they did so they would not be able to sell you alcohol or the German Pharmaceuticals to treat the diabetes and heart disease.  You were cashed in.  Your lives were capitalized in support of the very capitalism you believed so strongly in.  That limited liability that made you so healthy is the same thing that killed you- irresponsibility.
What was new after the Jews were murdered and looted after WWII?  We had the rise of German Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies in the United States.  Hey American Jew think about who they tested them on when you take that pill or advocate someone else should.
They won’t tell you how bad wine, beer and alcohol are for you.  Because those are things that erase your memory and therefore make you happy and complacent.
No the French say wine, meaning alcohol to you, is good for a person.  So grab hold of that fact and drink all you want and forget everything.
1.        Forget you don’t really know how to get along with good people.
2.        Forget that in your own eyes you know that you are truly a looser.
3.       Forget all the bad things you did and do.
4.       Forget everything they tried to teach you in school.
Drink up and die!
30% of Baby Boomers basically have Hepatitis C!  THAT IS AN EPIDEMIC.  Think about people who have a bile dysfunction and why there is no more American work force.  Who wants to work for a Judy or Allan red hot?
Alcohol should be banned.  No wonder you are all dependent minded!!!!
As President I would take away your alcohol!!!  You would be surprised at how healthy you will get.  And before you die of a more natural death you will come to a peace with yourself and you reconcile yourself with your memories.
You don’t want someone to actually protect your human life; you want someone to protect your money wealth life.  So be it, drink up and die.  With that impaired liver you become a slow moving carcass.  First your joints need replacing then it is one German pharma pill after another.
Drink up and live lives of miserable and mean freaks.
They didn’t tell you in the 1980’s.  They didn’t tell you in the 1990’s.  Good ole German Busch he didn’t tell you this in 2001 either.  Who has been pissing the hell out of them?  Me J
Do you want to know a secret from the Bible?  Jesus didn’t believe in wine.  I won’t get into all the secrets of the story of the Loaves and the Fishes other than to say that one bottle of wine was combined with water to give them all enough to drink. 
The only time you are ever proud in your lives is when you are drinking alcohol.  Yeah they sold you on that one too.  Think about it, it’s true isn’t it.  The only time you are happy is when you deprive your brain of life giving Oxygen!  The only time that you are happy is when you are on the gradient to turning blue dead!  You are not doing something right!
Next they will have you raping your sister, and biting off live men’s testicles like the Holy Roman Emperor Caligula did.  I would like to think there were more Jews like Jesus and that the Jews should have won the wars against the Romans, but I have been told there is no difference between them by my television set.  What is it a “set” of?  A set of idiots?
The Catholic Church won’t take away your alcohol.  They got a bottle up there every Sunday for you!  What are they really advocating?
Jesus wasn’t pro wine either.  No one gets that morally smart drinking alcohol!!!  The story of the loaves and the fishes alludes to one bottle being diluted with water.
It is a national emergency, the President should bypass the need to see a Doctor and everyone should just be allowed to go directly to the lab!
Do you know what your prevailing doctrine is?  It is, “My life is somebody else’s fault.”
They did not tell you that your health (Diabetes, Heart Disease) and fertility problems (make the connection) were caused by alcohol they told you they were caused by something else.  It is another one of those, “We don’t know why that happen’s wool over your eyes.”
German Beer or F-16’s over German Pharmaco’s?
Oh and us Schizo’s?  They have been using Marconi/Tesla weapons on us for ~over 100 years!  Why?  Because the real schizo’s are bad people who did bad things and don’t have souls- maybe they never did!  They sit and nothing goes on it their belfries unless they can harass a human being!  Homeland security didn’t tell you this, I did.
Why do you think you were born stupid and mean?  It is because your parents drank!  Why do your eyes look like a mean mongoloids?  Because the alcohol your parents drank caused oxidative stress on your development as a fetus!
Again- the Irony is the only time you are ever proud in your lives is when you drink.
They sold you on the easy way out delusion that made you happy and you are as dumb as a swine!  Whenever you had doubts about alcohol they came on the television with a new reason to unjustify them for you.
Whenever you had concerns they placated you.
Do you want to know where you will end up?  On a two week morphine death drip hospital bed.  Yes I did see younger people at the hospice when they cashed my father in.  And while you are happy on the morphine they will tell your family there is nothing that can be done for you!
About the only thing that we have in the United States comparable to German Castles is the Trump Tower and the Disneyland Castles.  Read into that all you want.  Wait a minute I thought of something else; we have castles everywhere in the United States, and they have that wine bottle right up there for you every Sunday- they are called Churches and Temples.  No Connection whatsoever to European Fascism.

Yes you lowly Americans can't afford a castle like ust Nobleman Europeans but every week you can come to a place that looks like one- church or temple that is.  What you will never know is that United States Citizens and our Constitution met a level that was far higher than anything that they ever had in Europe.  Our Founding Fathers make them look like mud faced white trash; castle or no castle.
About a decade ago when I heard that you could buy a bottle of wine for about a buck or two my heart sank.  Why?  Because you cannot make a bottle of wine for that amount of money.  There is too much labor and costs involved.  So that cheap bottle of wine has to be a near loss leader.  But it isn’t really the loss leader that poor black man or woman who buys it is the loss leader.  So why do they sell a bottle of wine for what must be less than cost?  And also I seem to remember that those higher freezer water beers used to cost less or about the same as regular beers but I can’t be sure, I might be wrong.  Wait a minute- no I am right.
So you sit in the office all weak and get pussy willow whipped until the hair falls off the top or your head and the only joy you have is a drink.  – You do not further any profession in any way.  The only time you are proud again is when you have something that slowly kills you and makes your conceived children mean swine eyed mongoloids.  Be honest doesn’t a mongoloid look like a crusty eyed drunk?  I am sorry I am not being political correct or sensitive- I should just call you Baby Boomers.  The only time you were proud was when you were drinking.

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PS I will give you a hint, it never gets better with alcohol.

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