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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Secret of the Pharaohs 08 20 2012

The Secret of the Pharaoh's
What did the Pharaoh's know that is evident in the pyramids?
The Pharaoh's new the propensity a certain group of people had towards not wanting to work.  They also knew that there were people who liked to see through the eyes of other people in order to profit from the future.
So how did the Pharaoh's get even?  It is very simple the Pharaoh's built the pyramids as a lasting monument as to the fate of the world when it would be controlled by those whom he freed.
The Pharaoh's could see for themselves too.  They could accurately plot the course of stars.  And they could see that because men did not like to work they would resort to alchemy to make money.  They knew that such people would resort to converting oil to all kinds of chemicals.  They knew that this would indeed erode the ozone layer.  They knew that if the earth were to face another asteroid strike with an eroded ozone layer that it would not be as lucky as it had been in the past.  They knew that men would have ample time to put to work solar energy to power the world but would neglect doing so.  The pyramids are right there in the dessert where there is plenty of sun aren’t they.
But here is what the Pharaoh's did to make their final statement with regard to men.  That asteroid strike is likely to knock the world out of its orbit and put us into a wobble that is somewhat random.  The Pharaoh's knew that if anyone was alive they would see how the pyramids would benefit best in order of optimal angle to capture sunlight and convert it into energy when the earth was knocked into a random wobble caused by an asteroids that hits the earth because man sought money instead of responsibility to the world and people and eroded the ozone layer through the use of fossil fuels instead of solar energy.  Why because the best way to capture sunlight and convert it into energy when goon worlder’s screwed up the world is if you have a photovoltaic platform structure that can capture solar energy no matter what angle the earth is to the sun.
Not only that but what would be the effect on the atmosphere of an asteroid hitting the earth when there is a hole in the ozone layer?  The earth could indeed be separated from its atmosphere.  Remember when an asteroid hits the O2 ozone the O2 helps that asteroid explode into smaller bits that are less harmful.  The ozone might also have a lot to do with our orbit around the sun in terms of the earth gravitational dynamic.
That is why the pyramids were built and why they were built the way they were.
Here is another interesting point that might be true, only if we PASSOVER, or abstain from alcohol do we have a chance of preventing this.  Why?   All that alcohol that we drink could indeed replace fossil fuels and lessen the depletion of the Ozone layer.  Why do you think all those hieroglyphics had people carrying things in baskets on top of their head’s.
Don’t believe me.  Just you wait and see!!!!  I have known this most of my lifetime.
There is the ability to see how certain elements fit together to form a better solution and that is indeed called synthesis.  It is the Apex of Analysis.  And then there is a type of seeing that creates an umbrella of idiocy over the whole world.  You have chosen the ladder.

I have to ask myself if Jews who were freed from slavery by the Pharaoh's did not indeed call themselves Pharisees?  Or were the Pharisees really Jews who were loyal to the Pharaoh's.  It kind of reminds me of how people are often questioned about their credibility and quickly lie to cover up another lie.\

"Who are you?"
"We are Pharaoh's."
"I know all the Pharaoh's, funny thing is that I have never met you before."
"Oh did I say Pharaoh's I met to say Pharisees"
"Who are Pharisees?"
"We are something like the Pharaoh's but from... that land over there,"  he said as he pointed round.

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