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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

With regard to President Obama's Announces Disapproval Of Boy Scouts' Policy Banning Gay Members

With regard to President Obama's Announces Disapproval Of Boy Scouts' Policy Banning Gay Members

I almost got raped while in the Boy Scouts.  Barrack Obama can flap his arms and sit on a fence post.

 I should be very sorry that I mentioned that happened because it borders on hate speech right?  Every male who has ever had an incident like that with another male should just keep their mouth shut and hang their head low right? 

And furthermore are we to believe that gay's who find men attractive do not also find boys attractive the same way that men find younger looking women attractive?

Our modern society has failed to define the cause of homo-sexuality.  With all of our modern science they deem that this is one of those things they cannot figure out.  I can tell exactly how some are created.  They are created when something else that modern science has mis-defined happens~ when men and women are driven from their souls and labeled schizophrenics!  That is where some of these transgendered souls come from!  No basis for what I am saying???  The ancient Hebrews feared a Lilith archetype of woman who was said to steal the souls of babies while they were in the womb.

These are crimes of the soul.  Those highly successful people in our society who are "provided" with boys to sleep with are indeed satanic.  Isn't also funny that our modern society, with all the highly paid doctorates and PhD's has failed to define and understand a male who seeks to molest and demonize boys?

The "professionals" have nothing to say about them.  How many times have you ever heard of an evil person going to the doctor and saying, "I am the devil."  There are many evil people in this world and they never go to the doctor and say this, wouldn't that be a great trend to start?  All the evil people go to the Doctor and tell them they are evil and what they have done wrong!  And the evil people get medicated and demoralized and demoted?

Here is another one that we never hear,  "I wanted bad things to happen to (so and so) because they are a beautiful person and I am extremely jealous!!"  followed by, "So I did bad things to them."  Because we never see this happen either it means that this truth about evil people means that they never admit they are evil!!!  John Dillenger (Sp?) a crime lord never believed he was evil.  He thought he was an okay guy.  Where are the people in our society who enforce morals on others?  They have not been here for quite some time what we have instead are the false righteous who get it wrong in order to take the spotlight off of their own actions.

It bothers me when I see a pattern of those who have authority over others abuse that authority.  When you are viewing organizations and people in your community be sure to notice any rules and regulations that are meant to establish elements of you control over you.  There is tradition and there is ritual but all that stops when your rights are violated and you are abused by an authority figure or the structure that allowed them to abuse.

Who are they trying to fool?

I don't know why I writ, no-one listens, no-one cares and above all most people hate my lecturing tone and would like to accuse me for asserting my rights as an individual and my freedom of speech.  Hey don't let your son say anything bad.  Just give him a barrel to take along when you send him on a Boy Scout outing and hope that he grows up to find a nice man right? WRONG!

I have to be fair to homosexuals because I have talked with many and most I have met I get along good with in a conversation.  There are male homosexuals who are very annoying and aggressive to straight men and they are indeed protected from anyone saying that they did anything wrong.  Pardon me if I believe a man or boy should never have to fight to keep from being raped; that is hate speech right.  If you want to give homosexuals greater rights you have to define them.  This homo is a good and loving person won't bother you or bite you when you are in public.  This other type of homosexual has IDEATIONS raping men and getting a high off the pain he causes others.  This type of homosexual likes to dominate men because...  This type of homosexual ...  How about this one, this type of homosexual is part of a soulless occult that molests boys so that he and his occult can live off the energy of their souls for their entire lives and not have to think for themselves or have a care or worry in the world.  And if I cannot reference the descriptions of Satan from the Holy Book our Bible I want to leave this country too.

If I can't write this stuff then you deport me from this country today!!!!!  I will go and be happy to leave if that is the way you think this country should be.

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