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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wake Up America 08 16 2012

When they keep repeating the former mayor of New York saying that Joe Biden isn't very bright that is Italian Fascism propaghanda.  Many of you were not taught what propaghanda means by watching the Hitler propaghanda where he compared Jews to rats.  That tells you how dangerous propaghanda is and we are seeing it in spades on our news media.

That should be illegal.  But since the FCC has had its skids greased it is not illegal.  All television should be absolutetly free because it is worth less than zero to the United States of America.

He cannot really discuss why he feels this way about Biden, all he can do is spit out insults.  America should never have people like that in government. Biden is ten time smarter than you know who.  Is you know who part of the Paterno Club?  I only ask because that is the same symptom of that type of mentality.

Nothing we can do about it though without them waving the lollypop their mom gave them at us and crying foul; I mean we dare not articulate how the miserable ones who are still with us live....

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