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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hecho Gave me the Betty Boop Eyelashes 08 01 2012

Hecho Gave me the Betty Boop Eyelashes 08 01 2012

Men are formed in different body shapes.  Some of us are tall and have broad shoulders and some of us are shorter and wider.  Some men that are shorter and wider have a chip on their shoulder when it concerns those who are taller than them.  Maybe their father mistreated them when they were a child and therefore they have a problem with a man who is taller than them.  Maybe they are always trying to prove themselves because they feel themselves not as much of a man.
But here there is a certain behavior that they exhibit that means that they just felt like they were a woman in your presence and it can be very dangerous to you.  The behavior looks like this.  First they rock their hips like a woman does when she is trying to attract a man.  Then they avert their gaze down and to the right like a woman does when she likes you and does not want to show it.   And right here is where you have to watch out.  Because the next thing that they will do is glance up and you through their Betty Boop Eyelashes to see what you look like again.  And it is right here, I mean right then, that they realize that they are drawing on female strength for their mannerisms and they are also in the perfect position to throw an arching uppercut from the stance of that cantilevering hip.  What happens is that right at that moment they feel exactly like a woman and they either don’t want to be that way so in order to break that belief of self they want to knock you out to falsely prove that they are better or indeed they are possessed by the evil spirit of a woman that hounded them and would not leave them.  And that latter spirit of the evil woman that possesses them, when this construct is true, is something that they will have a very hard time fighting against and controlling.  But maybe if they realized that is indeed what is happening they will have a better chance at it and not end up dead themselves or in prison for assault, battery or homicide.  And that demonic possession of men by women and lesser men is something very, very real.  “A face that launched a thousand ships????”
I have used the term Hecho as it is Mexican, but I have seen it in Greeks, Irish and also Blacks.  Some famous punk boxers have had it too.  And when you see them cantilevering on their hips it is also them trying to pretend that they are much larger than they are; like they need more space to walk in than they actually do.  You might even enjoy helping them exorcise that spirit from them by saying in a friendly or serious tone under your breath, “Yeah looks damn tough, I wouldn’t mess with him.”
There have been whole series of Science Fiction movies about this archetype.  And the Sirens that drove sailors and their ships to their death in the rocks, that is them too.   And I believe that sometimes the spirit is temporary and can be exorcised and that some have this spirit with them for life.

Hecho Gave Me the Betty Boop Eyelashes.

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