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Monday, August 20, 2012

To the Artists of Tortured Souls 08 20 2012

To the Artists of Tortured Souls 08 20 2012

You won't see fame and fortune while alive but you are likely to after you die!  Wonderful right?

The real good artists are not worth anything while they are alive.  The reason being is that the dependent minded can only live off their souls if they are miserable and if they become successful the dependent minded would then become very miserable and it would defeat them from stealing souls.

The demonic possessors only chose the very brightest to steal the soul skill set from.  So in order to defeat them you must invoke false feelings of worthlessness in yourself.  Why?  Because it takes them to the edge just like the ghost of Christmas Past did.

So get on with your life and live it like you do not have a care in the world.  Why should you?  You know that you are ten times smarter than they ever could be.  You know that your mind was created out of love and not for money.

Our current politicians are no better than carnival barkers and they do not belong in public service.  If you are an individual who is not of the glitz and glamor variety and believe that you have better ideas than those in power then it is you who should be in power.  Why?  Just look at the track record of our Government?  It has been absolutely horrible.  The reason being is that those who are elected do not have their own minds.  It is like they were squeezed out of an idiot factory and just started babbling nonsense.

You might believe that there is no problem that we will always be okay, but you are wrong, everything that has been created does not sustain us.

But if you are an artist of the tortured soul and not the type who just wants attention from the tortured soul.  Not the type that chose to have an imaginary friend all their live and does not want to leave that reality then you have nothing to worry about.  You have your own soul and will indeed make it to heaven.  You are also likely to become very famous long after you are dead.  Do you want to know the reason.  It is something a Jewish friend used to like to say to me, "Dead men tell no tales."

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