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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fishing Secrets- The Sharp Spoon Stamped Edge 08 03 2012

Fishing Secrets- The Sharp Spoon Stamped Edge 08 03 2012

Do you like to buy the discount spoons?  The ones that sometimes are store branded?
If so be sure to check the stamped edge to see if it is sharp.  Make sure to feel on the underside at all angles.  Usually the side that has finished is not a problem, it is the side the was “curled down” in the stamping process.
If you find that it is sharp make sure to use a file to “dullen” and take the burr off the edge.  It should not have a sharp lip to it or be sharp like an ice skate blade.
Why not you ask?  What difference does it make?
It makes a huge difference.  That sharp edge can break your line in at least one of two ways.
1.        When you cast and the line hits the lure when it lands on the water surface it can nick and cut the line.
2.       When you do hook a fish with the lure and the fish starts to dive, spin and fight that sharp edge of the lure is likely to come in contact with your line and break it.  You will want to attribute the reason you lost the fish to something else.
The technique that I used to dull mine was to hold the lure so the rounded part fits the palm of my hand and work the file over that back edge at a rounding ~45 degree angle motion.  The quickly work the file up and down the whole edge to make sure it is smooth.  When you are done feel the complete perimeter of the edge to make sure that you have removed any burrs or sharpness.  You will know when you are done and will only be done when you feel there are no burrs.  I used a diamond needle file.
There is more to making responsible products than just superficially aping and engineering what looks to be the same; there are details like this.  If you cast that lure off because it nicked or abraded your line some child or loved one swimming could step on it.  And also you could lose a fish of a lifetime.
I also added larger hooks to the spoons that I bought and put double split rings on them; two different sizes- one that fit inside the other.  I also added a swivel with welded rings between the hook and the spoon.  So that make four split rings in all.

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