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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter to Oak Creek Police Department regarding motive of Wade Page 08 09 2012

Letter to Oak Creek Police Department regarding motive of Wade Page 08 09 2012

Criminal’s possible motivation for the SIKH shooting.
If you want to truly explain a hate crime, and indeed all crimes are crimes of hatred you have to take a different perspective.
I have provided Police Departments around the country with valuable information with regard to unsolved cases.  This information has helped solve at least one of these crimes; the Ames case in Milwaukee.
The Oak Creek Police department has subpoenaed 180 people with regard to the SIKH temple shooting.  When you ask them questions you will want to understand what they believe in.
In every gang there is a dynamic power structure created between the leader and the followers.  The leader often has a completely different cognitive framework than the followers.  As you will learn in the construct that follows is that the leader often uses the followers.  Followers are often hazed, beaten, victimized and killed in gang type groups in order to “strengthen” the evil soulless will of the leaders.  In effect it is a way to establish control over the minds of the followers.
In the case of mass listening to the punk type music, the followers are indeed being driven to victimize by the will of the leader.  Brain entrainment is a proven concept in psychology.
The members who join these groups have often had problems with holding jobs; as did Page, when he had a conflict with a woman at a MANUFACTURING PLANT. 
Young men who do not make it in the blue collar work force end up joining “gangs” of all types where the leader of the gang is also Satanic.  The reflexively go from one Satanic to another because they want to believe in camaraderie and experience friendship.  They then either become hateful people or seek to be a part of a new “Something” and end up in the same situation.
And I do believe that there are people in this world who are jealous of good souls and seek to demonize them in the limited liability workplace so that they no longer believe in themselves or have self esteem.  I also believe that is how Satan lives. 
I looked up the SIKH religion in Wikipedia after the incident and here is what I believe to be true.  Keep in mind that when you are analyzing a religion just as you are analyzing a criminal mind you look for inconsistencies with regard to belief.  The SIKH religion seeks to make a connection with what they believe to be a single consciousness.  The question that I have for the SIKH’s is this, when you seek to form a connection with a single consciousness how can you be so very sure that the consciousness that your seek to invade is not that of another real live human being!!!! 
The SIKH seek a connection to what I believe I read as being a Universal Conscience.   The traditional American who was raised to believe in fairness and the rights of others developed that very same type of connection with his very own FATHER!   The SIKH rather than seek to develop skills through reflection of their own work and improve on that work until one becomes happy with the fruits of their own labor believe that they must tap into some type of consciousness, and that consciousness is not of their own FATHERS!  The only way one is ever going to truly experience what the SIKH claim to strive for by their odd means is to actually try and try again!!!  This involves frustration and the resultant learning.  Anything less than that is indeed some kind of cheating or easy way out.
I have said it before and I will say it again because my beliefs are consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ a Jew.  My beliefs are not that of any new religion they are from the Bible.
As Police Officers you did not learn to clean your hand guns by tapping into a universal consciousness most likely you learned them from your FATHER and augmented them by taking a hunter safety course.  (BTW that would be a good test question for background info, “Who taught you how to clean a gun?”
A little more about guns before I get back to the subject.  I can hear the pundits on television say that there should be greater gun control, that that is the answer. What the television intellect does not understand is that many survivors of mass shootings would not be alive if it were not for the criminal’s use of guns.  Why not?  Anyone who has working knowledge of machines can make a bomb rather quickly and when criminals resort to the use of bombs there are very few survivors.  If you want to take away a person’s you might take away someone who did not respect what gun safety means.  Let’s see didn’t Dick Cheney the former head of the CIA fail to demonstrate he was a responsible gun owner?  What message does that send to the American public?
We have seeded great foreign based manufacturing in India.  So therefore there have been strong ties made somewhere in the United States with regard to this initiative.
I mentioned that the leaders of gangs are often evil.  We are finding out that the leaders of some churches and sports organizations are also evil.  I am going to try and explain the nature of the evil mind.  The evil mind is a lazy mind that would rather not think for itself, that is why it seeks to be lead.  But to be fair many of us seek out leaders because we believe in the good of all authority- it is a concept that is based on the rights in our constitution and freedom.  But once a person does not believe in themselves and instead decides to become a follower they have abandoned their independent thinking mind.  Once they have done that they have what I would term a dependent mind.  I have been told that some people are born that way.  But more to the point that dependent minded is highly influencible and sometimes when the acts on impulses that are still part of the mind of the soulless Satanic who are their leaders; not only that.. Sloth is indeed one of the seven deadly sins.  So once a person becomes a follower, it leads to trust of their leaders and or control and manipulation by the leaders.  But more to the point again, once that person has abandoned their capacity to strive for independent thought that evil can emulate from them in the form of striking out in any direction.  The evil mind does not think for itself; it has already taken the easy way out.  Wade was from the military and in the military you are to taught to obey all orders.  We know from recent history that it has been deemphasized that is illegal to obey and illegal order (that is not the exact wording.)
It is too bad that in order to secure food and shelter people join groups that use them and indoctrinate them with evil.
So here might be the motivation from the mind of Wade Page’s perspective.
From what I hear about the SIKH’s they are hard working people, all well and good everyone should be.  On the news it mentions that they are cab drivers.   The SIKH’s are based in India.  Corporate America has outsourced a lot of manufactured goods to India.  I worked at Briggs and Stratton in the mid 1990’s in accounts payable and an auditor there, (a Jewish woman), told me that you are going to be hearing a lot about manufacturing in India in the future.
Wade Page had trouble keeping his manufacturing job at Harley Davidson in North Carolina.  
Ask yourself, “What is the communicate between U.S. Corporations and India based operations?  I met an Indian woman a few years ago and started to talk about Indian people with her.  She implied to me that all India Indian people in the United States know each other.  That would imply that they are all SIKH’s wouldn’t it by deductive reasoning.  Incidentally a Chinese fellow I met in college business school told me that all American Chinese know each other.  (Yes I do remember the exact names and it is not a figment of my imagination that you can discount and discard.)  I am not going to get into a finding a pennies wherever you go analogy here.
Back to WADE PAGE; maybe he had hopes of working at Harley Davidson in Milwaukee.  If you were him with his experience and down and out wouldn’t that be your hope.  Maybe if I go to Milwaukee they will hire me at that Harley Davidson plant.  Makes you want to cry doesn’t it!
Enter the ANTIDEFIMATION LEAGUE.  The anti-defamation league said that they were tracking people like Wade Page?  Why? So at the next place he decided to look for work he could not get a job?  The anti-defamation league has absolutely zero credibility with me!!! Do you want to know why?  Bernie Madeoff swindled ~$50 billion from the United States and the anti defamation league never came out and said, “That type of behavior is not what we believe in!”  That money flowing out of our economy almost flipped the United States into another depression.  For those of you who don’t know what a Depression is it is and economic crisis where many are homeless and die of starvation, and those many I speak of are good ole United States Citizens who believe in the rights of other people per our constitution.  Bottom line the best thing the Anti-Defamation league could have done to justify its existence is to say, “That is not what the Jewish are about.”  They had all manner and time of opportunity to do this.  I am not anti-Semitic or a racist, I like Jewish people.  The best friend I ever had in my life was Jewish.
Back to the SIKH’s and all religion in general.  Does your Church have a sign out front that reads, “All are welcome?”  If it doesn’t it may not be consistent with your beliefs that you have publicly stated.  AND FURTHERMORE IF IT DOES NOT THAT IS INDEED A FORM OF DISCRIMINATION.  DISCRIMINATION IS INDEED A FORM OF RACISM.  I have to ask myself, did Wade Page try and become a member of this Church and was refused based on the way he looked or some other ill patronizing answer to dismiss him?  The SIKH’s say that they are peace loving people.   Okay, all well and good.   “How many of them to date are “white Caucasian’s” like Wade Page?”

With regard to foreign manufacturing, we had technology and failed to innovate, these foreign countries won’t have the lack of confidence to make that same mistake.
Jesus Christ was said to have the ability to see when Satan entered a person and immediately rebuked them.  If I were trying to understand the Wade Page, I mean if I was a Police Investigator who really wanted to understand the Wade Page case in order to prevent incidents like it from happening again I would want to know the race, religion and the beliefs of the woman that he had a conflict with at the Harley Davidson plant in North Carolina.  And maybe I will say it, “Why does a man, and men are physically stronger than women, who is a blue collar worker ( and a blue collar worker is a physical worker) ….well what is the dispute he had with a woman in an environment of physical work?)
And what was his issue in the military?  Did he not like sexual advances by homosexual men?  Did he disobey and illegal order?  Did he refuse to accept Nazi propaganda?  Was he bitter from a war for oil and energy when he could not find a job in a manufacturing plant in the United States that utilizes such energy?
Does this motive sound farfetched?  Just ask yourself how far you got with customer service outsourced to India telemarketers.  Do not even pretend to tell me that you were not frustrated by the communication gap alone not to mention your problem was not solved and you were therefore dissuaded from seeking the use of telephone customer service altogether.
Now if you believe in my same religious beliefs you have to ask yourself, “How does someone like that come into being?”  It also has implications with regard to United States educational system.
It appears that I do understand Wade Philips and I am not a hateful person.
Without American manufacturing you have socialism.  The wealthy giving money and handouts to the lower classes?  It never worked and it has horrible consequences as the educated poor, if the poor are educated at all in socialism, can’t stand the weak minded exclusive country club rich.  If the Pope wants to talk about Dark Clouds rising the topic starts right there.
Back to Wade Page:
Who are our ex-military?  They are trained in machines!!!  Those AR-15’s are machines!  Tanks are machines!   Boats are machines!  Planes are machines! Etc etc.  They like to work with their hands.  To be a part of the physical world of reality.  They are strong capable adult human bodies.  These are not Americans who come home hoping to sell job loss insurance!!!!  These are potential skilled laborers with a connection to the physical world who should be making lending decisions, and those with pure verbal ability who should be making a better coordinated connection with the physical world and learning to use their hands to work and accomplish tasks.  Pure verbal ability type of people who were tasked to learn how to work with their hands and make a connection with the physical world would never become happier; it would be like they had a true father for the first times in their lives.  Why again?  The pure verbal mind is one that churns and churns until it insults.  The pure verbal mind is a result of those who did not have a strong fatherly influence.  Learning manual work skills is something responsible and strong fathers love to teach their son’s.  The pure verbal’s don’t value American manufacturing because those who have the blue collar skills are always seeking to have an easier work day with less physical stress; the pure verbal’s in corporate limited liability America compete and are compensated on a non-sustainable basis of increasing Earnings Per Share.  That leads them to negate the rights of the blue collar American worker just as easy as if they are making a pencil mark on a page of green bars.  The blue collar worker can either work under longer or worse conditions or loses his job to a polluting nation that does not value human rights.  The only way a pure verbal person can make more money then is to drain it from the financial system.  I have not looked to see what our constitution has to say about usury but our consumer interest rates, fees, and service charges today do indeed constitute usury.  The ancient Hebrews had a law whereby people were forgiven their debts every 50 years.  Oh why on earth ever do that would be part of some discussion.  The answer is very very simple, “BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WANT ANYONE GETTING PISSED AT THEM!”
What else could have motivated Wade Page to kill the SIKH’s?  I had to ask myself this in order to understand them from Wade Pages perspective.  And in order to do this I again looked for inconsistencies with regard to religion.  You’ll love this one, the SIKH’s are said to have been a peaceable religion and abhorred violence.  And yet they were all to have knives.  They are peaceable and yet believe in militarism.  They only resorted to violence to protect their religious beliefs.  After they resorted to violence they continued to fight on until the had a created a very large empire.  I mean come on!!!!  They indeed had a great connection with Great Britain.  What religion was Great Britain of?  What has never been documented or thought of as needing of study is the psychology of a person, a child, who is raised in a family that has a dungeon and keeps prisoners in there and tortures them.  That is indeed the nature of what I call the kings religion.  You can trace that archetype of thought back to the Essene’s of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  You can also extend this concept as applying to all the castles and keeps of Europe including France (anyone remember Joan of Arc) and Germany.  That psychological study, if it were to be done, would also explain or fit in with the SIKH mentality of tapping into a consciousness?  BTW that psychology also applies to the Moors who concurred Europe and believed in the worship of Vondoon- a man woman God!  Figure that one out as you try and go to sleep in a tent in the desert.
That Brit Piers Morgan whom I really like most of the time for his ability to ask about the same questions that I do and that black man Williams who lost his show would say that I do not understand reality at all.  They would say people like me should not be allowed to own a gun.  My father bought me one when I was first of age to hunt.  I took a hunter safety course so I would be safe.  I was an expert marksman on the High School rifle team.  And indeed it is part of our Constitution that we have the right to own guns.  Do you know why that was written in the Constitution?  It was written in there to ensure that we would always be free from the influence of the British, anyone remember the Revolutionary War.  I wonder where that black man Montel thinks he would be if Americans did not have guns to free the slaves with in the Civil War.  I was at church a few years ago when a young college woman stepped up to the podium and said a prayer that people would be freed from a new type of slavery, I know exactly what she meant Piers Morgan, Montel Williams and all the experts on television would have absolutely no idea what that meant.  Are some peoples beliefs indeed self serving?  You bet!
And to be fair I like Indian people and really all people.  To like people like I do you have to try and understand what life might be like from what might be a very different perspective than your own.  And I like to shop at Indian grocery stores too.  But I don’t know how to make a good bean soup with all the bags of beans I bought at the Indian grocer and ended up putting all together in a plastic container.
This is just the reality that I see, I thought that I would share it with you.

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