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Friday, August 17, 2012

Opposites Do Not Attract 08 17 2012

Opposites Do Not Attract 08 17 2012
Opposites Attract- Baloney!!!
They wanted to give hope to that evil son or daughter after they came to an epiphany and started to hate themselves.
What genius went to school for a year and thought they knew enough about physics to make a translational metaphor regarding love.  It does not apply to people.  That evil woman might be attracted to the good man, but once he learns what she is, that marriage is going to end up in divorce.  (Vice Versa true also.)  Why?  Because everyone has some small element of good in themselves and that means they are not going to want to live with that evil person.  Opposite might attract initially in relationships but it is false attraction.  When good realized what that is, it wants nothing to do with it.  Why?  That is why there are so many divorced; because we all have some good in us.  We all want to live life as adults as good people!
The Essenes pretty much defied natural selection and defeated love.  I could say that they migrated to own castles with dungeons all across Europe, but nobody would get it or understand what it meant.
How can I prove this to you without a shadow of a doubt, that with regard to men and women of different “natures” falling in real love?  “How many good men are attracted to a woman who murders people along the roadside?”   If a man falls in love with a roadside murdering woman he is not a good man and therefore not an opposite.  I can almost see a movie script form as the two of them cannibalize a human soul at his last supper table.
And maybe it was meant to be told to the good man who realized that some women were evil and he indeed is the one that felt worthless. “Yeah I’ll take that one right there, the one with the t-shirt that has blood money written on it with my….”
Another point, how many men want to marry the popular girl who was also the high school whore type?  When you get older you realize it just isn’t the rational thing you should have been thinking.
So if it is not true with regard to love and people, is it also not true with regard to magnetic theory in some way not yet discovered?
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