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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Romney has the speaking mannerisms of a pathological liar.

Romney has the speaking mannerisms of a pathological liar. 
It is not only the fact that he appears to have been coached in terms of how to talk with the voice of Ronald Reagan it is the very fact that he should feel that he should be coached in the voice and mannerisms of another person in order to gain appeal.
What am I referring to when I talk about the voice and mannerisms of Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan spoke with a voice that often stuttered before a sentence came out.  It was indeed as if he was reading a speech that he did not believe in and was under duress to do so.  What are the others telling signs any good FBI agent would recognize?  He turned his head when he spoke as if he wanted to spit the words out because they were distasteful to him.
It is very telling and insightful that Mitt Romney would first adopt this mannerism when he spoke at the Israel podium.
Don’t know what it means at this point other than what I have written here.
But that is indeed how one varietal of a pathological liar speaks whether coached to do so, did so on his own accord in order to pretend to be someone he isn’t in order to gain more appeal.  The public never gets these subliminal nuances.

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