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Saturday, August 11, 2012

SIKH's one more disturbing comment 08 11 2012

SIKH's one more disturbing comment 08 11 2012

It was, God does not marry?

It would not be worth mentioning because the implied nature of God is that it is a supernatural deity.  So the fact that it is said means that it has meaning in some form.

What does it mean.

It means that those whom they seek to tap into the conscience of have their lives ruined and will never be able to marry.  Think of how unhappy Chirst was when he went to the Cross. He could not exercise the evil spirits of all the women who possessed him and indeed he said, "Father why have you foresaken me."  Christ did not marry. And he was not a God because he implied that Father had the power to help him.  Once again a true God by definition is Omnipotent.

You can never re-translate a religious text and make it so that it can fool all the next lamb of Gods.

"Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us."

I often ask myself why someone has to ask for mercy every week if indeed they live their life the way that law abiding citizens are supposed to.  Then I have to ask myself did the Catholic Church indeed transform into a fascist branch of the Kings religion or of sacrificial nature at some point in history?
The Kings influence being found when England first occupied Norther Ireland and the Vondoon influence when the Moors concurred Europe.

If I were President all religions would be taxed.

What the heck do you think the book of Revelation is about?

If you find that your life has been ruined by those of the evil weak mind that use the facade of religion to hide behind spend your every last breath using your mind and thinking so that they are excluded from using it and do so by picking out the inconsistencies and evil of religion so that they no longer have a facade to hide behind.  In the act of exposing them you will indeed be saving the world because all they really care about is themselves and that no-one knows about their true nature.  And indeed if the secret is not exposed it will lead to the destruction of the planet and everyone on it including those who have the great shame of being dependent minded.  Their motivation is not for the people it is for the self.  Because it is not for the people it is not for the environment that we live and breath in that needs to be maintained in order to support our continued existence.  Okay I give up, I will never try to expose any of this ever again.  I will no longer try and stop you from being yourselves' who are not yourselves.

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